Jak and Daxter Collection HD for PlayStation 3

Jak and Daxter Collection HD

Feb 7, 2012

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Developer: Mass Media Games
Content Rating: Teen


Journey back to where it all began in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, then explore the dark, futuristic world of Jak II as the weapons, abilities and vehicle physics get kicked up a notch. Re-experience the epic climax to the series that leaves Jak and his sidekick battling their way through an unforgiving wasteland and left for dead.

Critic Reviews

17 Reviews
Frank NareshFeb 23, 2012
At the end of the day the Jak and Daxter Collection may be rather old, and have some dated play mechanics, but the games are still quite fun to play even a decade or so removed. Fans of the series should love the new trophies, not to mention the walk down memory lane in HD nonetheless.
Cameron TeagueFeb 07, 2012
In the end, The Jak and Daxter Collection is yet another successful trek into the world of High Definition Collections being released on the PlayStation 3. It is a bit frustrating to not have the entire series added in, especially Lost Frontier from the PSP, but the set does not lose anything by just having the first three games.
Angelo M. D'ArgenioFeb 09, 2012
If you missed any one of the original three Jak and Daxter titles, 40 bucks is more than worth getting to play these classics in HD. However, if you are a longtime fan, only pick this collection up if you have 40 dollars burning a hole in your pocket. It's fun, it's pretty, and it reminded me why Jak and Daxter was an awesome series, but that's all I can say for it.

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