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James NewtonSep 29, 2010
Heavy Rain was bound to make a few missteps as a pioneering attempt at an interactive movie, one that matches the production values of many films whilst maintaining the level of involvement and excitement one would associate with a top-class action video game. It's innovative and brilliantly acted, and the Move controls bring a new level of engagement to the action scenes whilst registering subtler movements just as well.
Brad ShoemakerFeb 23, 2010
Anyway, these technical issues are minor and only really glaring in contrast to the overall quality of Heavy Rain's plotting and presentation. Interactive drama, if you'd like to call it that, is certainly a young subset of game design, itself such an iterative process that most other games get the chance to build on the work of their numerous predecessors. Heavy Rain doesn't really have that benefit.
Game TrailersMay 26, 2010
It’s hard to discern if Heavy Rain is the next step in video games or the next evolution of movies since it straddles the line between the two. Yet, somehow a direct descendent of one of the original arcade classics feels completely fresh in 2010. No matter how much interactivity you demand from your games, Heavy Rain’s story will get its hooks into you, and if this hobby is truly interactive entertainment, then mission accomplished.
Susan ArendtMar 09, 2010
Heavy Rain isn't something you play, it's something you experience. It's surprisingly subtle at times, genuinely terrifying at others, and even when it breaks, it's still outstanding. This is a game you're going to want to have played, because it's going to be talked about for many, many years to come. Whether it's as a groundbreaking moment for the medium, or as a bold experiment that didn't quite come to fruition, we'll have to wait and see, but I definitely hope it's the former.
Anthony SeverinoFeb 10, 2010
Heavy Rain is truly a work of art that demands to be appreciated. Unfortunately like most art, you have to “get it” to really appreciate it. That being said, the game is not for everybody, and there will be plenty of people that just don’t “get it”. But, if you go into Heavy Rain with an open mind and the understanding that this isn’t your average video game, you will reap the reward of playing one of the most memorable video games of this console generation.
Lark AndersonFeb 19, 2010
Though it suffers from its share of plot and technical problems, Heavy Rain is nonetheless a bold and visionary step forward in the medium of interactive storytelling. Part adventure game and part psychological thriller, Heavy Rain is far from the quick-time-event-powered movie that it may appear to be at first glance. Every action you perform or decision you make--from the simple and mundane to the dark and disturbing--brings you closer to the flawed but realistic characters you manipulate.
David HoughtonJun 24, 2012
Heavy Rain is an admirably ambitious creation capable of engrossing the mind and engaging the emotions like few games that have gone before. Visually and aurally it's a decadent feast for the senses, but its frequent descents into ham-fisted schlock and downright broken storytelling ultimately make it a clumsy case of style over substance. It's a likeable mess if you don't think too hard, but nevertheless, a mess it remains.
Joe JubaFeb 10, 2010
What remains is an innovative journey through an engrossing and well-paced mystery. You’re given just enough gameplay to forge a connection to the world and its characters, but not so much that it interferes with the game’s cinematic sensibilities. Heavy Rain is a truly pioneering title, and hopefully the vanguard for a new genre of interactive narratives.
Chris RoperFeb 10, 2010
Heavy Rain is a hell of an experience. Its controversial control scheme actually works really well in allowing the fantastic story to dictate how events play out, and many of the game's scenes will keep you on the edge of your seat. It starts slow and the presentation isn't perfect, but the character development, dialog and story twists will hook you like few games can. Heavy Rain is not to be missed.
Jim SterlingFeb 10, 2010
Ultimately, Heavy Rain is an experiment that both succeeded and failed, when it could easily have been a total success if the brains behind it weren't trying so hard to be smart, and cared more about providing a sensible plot as opposed to a shocking one. As a game, Heavy Rain is pretty good for the most part. Heavy Rain is just damn lucky it isn't the movie that it wishes so badly to be.
Neon KellyFeb 10, 2010
Heavy Rain is one of the most exciting things to happen to video games for a long, long time. It's not a threat to the old way of doing things, but it does hint at the possiblity of a whole new genre. It occupies a middle ground somewhere between gaming and cinema, and to be quite frank, there's nothing else like it anywhere. If you do plump for giving a pop, I can guarantee that you'll be discussing it – and all the great moments that I've resisted telling you about – for months to come.
Nick PantazisFeb 17, 2010
Heavy Rain has not redefined the way games are played, or started a revolution for the industry which all developers will now follow. It has, however, successfully blurred the lines between games and movies a little by offering an extremely cinematic experience that doesn’t leave the player watching endless cutscenes. More importantly, Heavy Rain is fun to play. It gives the player a thrilling rush, and an intriguing and interesting story that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the beginning to the end.
Tom BramwellFeb 10, 2010
While it is an intricate game that deserves to be debated for a long time, it is also a simple one to enjoy: a thrilling mystery, cleverly composed, and unlike anything else you will play this year. It may also be the only game you play this year where pulling the trigger makes you really feel something, and I can think of no greater compliment.
Matt WalesFeb 10, 2010
It's the game's astonishing presentation and assured sense of narrative that captivates most. Unlike Uncharted though, it's idiosyncratic, unfamiliar - not to mention utterly pessimistic - and a much tougher recommendation as a result. Despite that, Heavy Rain's undoubtedly a sophisticated, fearless and often remarkable piece of entertainment. As a game it's not always successful but, as an experience, it's absolutely unforgettable.
Adam DolgeFeb 23, 2010
There is plenty of swearing, nudity, sex, violence, and disturbing themes. For gamers, this isn’t anything new as we’ve all played games that have plenty of gore and nudity. But since Heavy Rain looks so real, and pulls at your emotions, everything feels so much more impactful and meaningful. Tears in a character’s eyes are intense. The scenes of nudity are not inappropriate, and in fact they flow so well it’s almost unnoticeable.
Wayne SantosOct 19, 2010
Heavy Rain takes many chances, calling itself an “Interactive Drama,” which, while a bit clunky, is still the most accurate description of what the game attempts to do.
Juan Porteiro RivesFeb 15, 2010
La historia es interesante, tensa, emotiva y con un desenlace (la identidad del asesino) que no esperábamos, la verdad. Eso es lo bueno del juego: te engancha para saber qué pasa después, pero más como 'pseudo-espectador' que como jugador. Nuestra mayor aportación al juego como usuarios es mantener a los personajes vivos. Si logramos eso, la linealidad del desarrollo y la facilidad para avanzar harán el resto.
Xavi RoblesFeb 15, 2010
Heavy Rain bebe de un arte centenario y se adapta al lenguaje de los juegos excepcionalmente, lo hace bien, y resulta en una aventura distinta a todo lo que hemos probado (y seguramente probaremos en un tiempo). Es poco rejugable, porque una vez descubres el misterio pierde un poco la gracia, pero seguro que vuelves a él para descubrir todos los finales. Porque es inquietante, inmersivo, tiene un guión fabuloso y lo puede jugar todo el mundo. Deberías estar reservándolo ahora mismo.
Álvaro CastellanoFeb 15, 2010
Emocionante, cinematográfico y único. Heavy Rain es el videojuego más genuino y especial en lo que llevamos de año y, pese a que no es recomendable para todo tipo de usuarios por su estilo jugable, lo cierto es que su enorme calidad merece la atención que a buen seguro se le prestará. ¿Lo mejor? La sensación de pertenecer a un mundo vivo y orgánico, un lugar en el que cada cosa que hagamos puede cambiar todo lo que nos rodea.
LoganFeb 01, 2010
Avec des personnages trop rigides dans leurs mouvements et évoluant constamment dans un univers amidonné, on aura un peu de mal à être impliqué dans leur quotidien et ce malgré l'effort fourni par Quantic Dream pour aller dans ce sens. Reste au final un polar numérique n'arrivant jamais à dégager autant d'émotion que son modèle cinématographique mais parvenant malgré tout à retenir l'attention du joueur/spectateur avide de découvrir le fin mot de l'histoire.
Jorge SoaresFeb 10, 2010
Mas na verdade Heavy Rain não é aquela revolução na indústria de videojogos que muitos podem estar à espera. Foi buscar no que de bom existia no passado, dos jogos de descoberta e aventura Point and Click, deu-lhe uma enorme alma e realismo cinematográfico da geração actual. Mas é também certo que ficará na história dos videojogos, como sendo um passo importante para o amadurecimento da indústria, como peça de entretenimento.
Davide PersianiFeb 10, 2010
Al di là di tutto è comunque innegabile che si tratti di uno dei pochi titoli per cui è davvero possibile parlare di "esperienza videoludica", nonché di una vera e propria evoluzione di un genere, un’evoluzione attesa e desiderata a lungo che trova il suo coronamento proprio con l’ultima fatica di Quantic Dream. Un prodotto da provare e da assaporare attimo dopo attimo, che sarà sicuramente ricordato a lungo tanto dagli utenti casual quanto da quelli più hardcore.
Сергей ЦилюрикJun 25, 2019
Если отставить сарказм в сторону, вот к чему я это все веду: идет много споров о том, можно ли называть игры искусством, и я убежден, что противников этого утверждения будет больше, если мы продолжим называть шедеврами — или даже просто чем-то хорошим — произведения, в которых нет ничего, кроме внешнего лоска. Давайте посмотрим правде в глаза и дадим Heavy Rain ту оценку, которую она заслуживала все это время.
TimoFeb 23, 2010
Heavy Rain is iets unieks, iets verfrissends, iets wat de gamesindustrie nodig had. De controls zijn gewaagd, en werken, jammer genoeg, niet altijd even lekker. Gelukkig staat daar tegenover een episch verhaal, dat ook nog eens verschillende eindes bevat. Je kunt de game binnen tien uur uitspelen, maar door de verschillende eindes wil je het gewoon nog een keer spelen. En als je alle trophies wilt halen, moet je dat dan ook doen. Op grafisch gebied is de game geweldig en ook de audio is erg goed.
Mikael SundbergFeb 10, 2010
I en perfekt värld skulle alla sitta med ett exemplar av Heavy Rain och uppleva sin berättelse. I en perfekt värld skulle också verkligen alla ha Heavy Rain. Chansen att det blir så är inte enorm. Att satsa så här mycket på en spelgenre som traditionellt inte har gett oss några storsäljare på femton år är vågat... och beundransvärt. Oavsett hur det går vet jag i alla fall en sak. Jag har upplevt Heavy Rain. Det borde du också göra.