Heavenly Sword for PlayStation 3

Heavenly Sword

Sep 12, 2007

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Developer: Ninja Theory
Content Rating: Teen


When the invading King (played by Andy Serkis) destroys the warrior clan that guards the Heavenly Sword, the clan leader’s daughter, Nariko, takes up the sword in a desperate fight for survival. Nariko must now pay the ultimate price as she embarks on one last mission of vengeance against the King and his army before her life is finally and irreparably overtaken by the omnipotent Heavenly Sword...

Critic Reviews

7 Reviews
Game TrailersSep 07, 2007
For a game that started out as an Xbox project many moons ago, it’s puzzling why Heavenly Sword is so incredibly short. With just seven hours of play and little replay value it’s the ultimate rental. While it includes a few new ideas, it isn’t a revelation that will rock the world, but it’s still one of the better action games available for the PlayStation 3. Nariko may not be a savior, but she will be remembered as a worthy and capable hero.
Aaron ThomasSep 10, 2007
Add it all up and Heavenly Sword is a fantastic game from start to finish. It's just a shame that it's not longer. The developer made the wise decision to keep the action tight by not including any fetch quests or backtracking, but skilled players will probably finish the game in a little more than six hours, and it probably won't take longer than eight hours for anyone else.
Will FreemanSep 04, 2007
If you are looking for a purist's hack and slash that will test you for months, go elsewhere, ideally to Ninja Gaiden Sigma. But if you want a thrilling and cinematic adventure that will give you ample opportunity to show off the muscle of your PlayStation 3 and provide a glimpse of the console's possible future, you could do far worse than pick up this big-budget epic.

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