Grid Autosport for PlayStation 3

Grid Autosport

Jun 24, 2014

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Developer: Codemasters
Content Rating: Everyone


It’s all about the teams, the rivals & the race in an intense world of professional motorsport. Racing alongside a teammate, overcome key rivals & satisfy team sponsors in ferocious races where every pass & position counts. In a huge career, specialise in your favourite racing discipline or conquer them all feel the aggression of the pack in Touring Cars, race Open-Wheel cars with precision, manage tyre wear in Endurance events, show car control in Tuner events & react on the fly in Street races. Each category features series for different classes, including Touring Cars, Hypercars, Prototypes, Single-Seaters, Drift cars & many, many more.

Critic Reviews

22 Reviews
Luke ReillyJun 24, 2014
For the first time in years, Grid Autosport feels like a Codemasters racing game built to appeal to long-time Codemasters racing fans. Grid Autosport promised proper motor racing, and that’s exactly what it delivers (and plenty of it, to boot). It falls a bit short in the visual stakes compared to the hotter, new generation completion, but few developers get pack racing right like Grid Autosport does. The spirit of the classic TOCA games is finally back.
Greg GiddensJul 04, 2014
GRID Autosport is a definite improvement over last year’s disappointing entry, and a good racing game in its own right. However, despite the title’s wealth of content, decent artificial intelligence, and sometimes quite stunning visuals, it feels like a souped up version of GRID 2, rather than a brand new model. Codemasters is definitely moving in the right direction, but this franchise still has a few more mile markers to pass before it escapes from the shadow of the outstanding entry that got it off the starting line.
Daniel BloodworthJul 03, 2014
While we might sound a bit harsh on GRID Autosport, it really is a solid racer with tight controls and competitive opponents. It is an improvement over over GRID 2 in some ways, but with so much repurposed content, it's more like a best-of collection than a completely new game.

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