Gran Turismo 6 for PlayStation 3

Gran Turismo 6

Dec 6, 2013

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The next stage in the evolution of the world's most popular and comprehensive racing simulator is upon us. Gran Turismo 6, the latest installment in the highest-selling series, will reach stores this Holiday season. Known for blurring the lines between virtual and reality, the Gran Turismo series has revolutionized the racing genre in the last 15 years, allowing fans to drive the most prolific collection of cars on the world's most legendary racetracks. Gran Turismo 6 takes the real driving simulator experience to a whole new level.

Critic Reviews

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Matthew KatoDec 06, 2013
Still looks nice, but objects and textures sometimes pop in as you approach. Driving at night is cool, and so is the time of day transition for the longer races. I really like the feel of using the right analog for both gas/brake (as opposed to the face buttons). This year introduces an optional onscreen indicator arrow when someone is in your vicinity. There’s nothing special about the series anymore. However, I still find a lot of enjoyment in the challenge.
Luke ReillyDec 05, 2013
Gran Turismo 6’s problems are baggage the series has been carrying since 1997; the second you thunk into a wall at 200 kilometres per hour and drive off scot-free, or hop into a belching V8 that sounds more like a wheezing milkshake maker, the glass shatters and the illusion breaks with it. But when you’re on one of Gran Turismo 6’s absolutely gorgeous tracks, fused with the car you’re controlling, attacking apexes with confidence and devouring sectors with steely precision, it’s not hard to see why this series is deservedly regarded as one of the best of its kind, and this one is no exception.
Earnest CavalliDec 09, 2013
There are more cars, granted, and the feeling of speed and tinkering with vehicles is as good as ever, but that's to be expected given how little has changed. Don't get me wrong, Gran Turismo was already the top of the heap when it comes to hardcore console racing simulations – the additions presented in Gran Turismo 6 just push the top of that heap a few feet higher.

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