Gran Turismo 6 for PlayStation 3

Gran Turismo 6

Dec 6, 2013
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The next stage in the evolution of the world's most popular and comprehensive racing simulator is upon us. Gran Turismo 6, the latest installment in the highest-selling series, will reach stores this Holiday season. Known for blurring the lines between virtual and reality, the Gran Turismo series has revolutionized the racing genre in the last 15 years, allowing fans to drive the most prolific collection of cars on the world's most legendary racetracks. Gran Turismo 6 takes the real driving simulator experience to a whole new level.

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Dale NorthDec 06, 2013
For me, it's a racing world I can get lost in. Again, it's less about racing and more about driving; it's less about spectacle and more about substance. It's the driving authenticity, superior car handling and physics, wide variety of cars and races, and reverence for all things automotive that have me hooked and will keep me coming back.
Paul KellyDec 10, 2013
Gran Turismo 6 is the best in the series to date. It improves on many areas that have held the series back, but it still has lingering problems that should have been a thing of the past, which isn’t a discredit to what Polyphony Digital has achieved here. For the PS3, this is the end of the line in terms of big first party games, and it’s a solid ending. GT6 is one of the PS3's final swansong.
Daniel BloodworthDec 10, 2013
Once again, Gran Turismo's biggest weakness is its inconsistency. Its best parts are so great that it's shocking to come across elements that are so far below standard. Still, many of its faults are purely cosmetic. Where the rubber meets the road, it's still fantastic. The interface is far more intuitive, and the career is flexible and well-paced. It's the diversity that wins out overall, and with creative initiatives like Vision GT and the lunar missions, Gran Turismo 6 brings more variety than anyone else can match.

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