Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved for PlayStation 3

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved

Nov 25, 2014

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Developer: Lucid Games
Content Rating: Everyone


Geometry Wars³: Dimensions is an exciting new evolution of the iconic, fast-paced and frenetic Geometry Wars™ gameplay fans love, and will introduce full 3D action and competitive online multiplayer for the first time in the franchise.

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Daniel PerezDec 01, 2014
3D twin-stick shooters are nothing new as there have been quite a few released since Geometry Wars 2 hit the scene, but the series’ eventual progression to offering this kind of gameplay mechanic is very much welcome. Geometry Wars 3 brings the tight twin-stick feel of the series to the modern gaming era while also paying homage to the series’ roots. Just steer clear of its online multiplayer game modes.
Mike SplechtaNov 26, 2014
Dimensions is a great return of the franchise. Crammed with content for just about any player, whether they're looking for single player challenges or just want to kick back and spend the night trying to perfect their scores in the game's Evolved mode, it's all there, ready and waiting. Score Attack purists might not love the inclusion of Drones from Galaxies, as they'll undoubtedly skew results, but thankfully the Drones are only tied down to the single player campaign.
Sebastian ThorDec 05, 2014
Und hier warten die ganz großen Momente. Spiel und Spieler leben für die paar perfekten Sekunden, in denen man kopfüber drin ist und einfach jede Aktion hinhaut. Der Stick findet jede kleine Lücke zwischen den irren Clustern hindurch, es blitzt und funkt überall, die dämlichen grünen Vierecke sind plötzlich kein Problem, alles greift ineinander. Nur wenn man sich dem Spiel ergibt und einstimmt in seinen Takt, klappt es.

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