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Josh EngenMay 28, 2013
For as much as I complain, though, I genuinely enjoyed my time with Fuse. However, it never transcended into the brilliant game that I was hoping for. Its storyline is a fairly bland romp and there are several moments throughout the game when you'll swear that Insomniac is blatantly ripping off titles like Mass Effect 3 and Borderlands 2. But even most of that would be forgivable if the title did something genuinely new.
Ryan TaljonickMay 28, 2013
For every aspect Fuse gets right, another bogs it down. Its special guns do some amazing things, but they're boring to shoot. Its tight, responsive controls means it plays like a dream, but they merely offset the tedium that comes with blasting away thousands of generic enemies. And its progression system gives you something to strive for--until you give it a once-over and find useful upgrades to be few and far between. Those hungry for a new co-op game will definitely find some enjoyment here. Just don't expect to stay satiated for long.
Rev3GamesMay 28, 2013
Dan OravasaariMay 28, 2013
Fuse is by almost every aspect, a solid title. Anyone who decides to pick it up should not have any major complaints, as long as they understand what they are picking up in the first place. Fuse is a standard cooperative third person shooter developed by a top tier developer, but it is not a life altering experience or a game that will stand the test of time for years to come.
Smosh GamesMay 30, 2013
Nick TanMay 26, 2013
Had it released several years ago, Fuse would have received a half star higher. Some of its production values have become stale during its lengthy production cycle, particularly the tinny sound effects and mundane plot devices, but the swiftness of the action and its firmly embedded cooperative design rescue the title from further degradation. For better or worse, Fuse yields a standard, inoffensive reaction.
Nick AkermanMay 28, 2013
Such occurrences underline everything there is to say about Fuse. Insomniac’s initial plan has devolved into a conglomerative representation of the military-shooter market’s complete saturation, a blueprint of a lack of imagination. Although fun with friends, the developer’s first step away from PS3 exclusivity is just one more time around the world of this generation’s most habitual design choices.
Chris WattersMay 28, 2013
Still, the challenge of Echelon is a welcome one for folks looking to flex their skills beyond the bounds of the campaign, and if you've got some willing allies, you can definitely have a good time. And that's pretty much true for the whole game. Fuse is calibrated for people to play together, designed in such a way as to be merely serviceable for solo players, but solid fun for groups of gung-ho mercs.
Greg GiddensJun 18, 2013
Fuse is a boring game that just so happens to be tolerable with friends. Aside from some idiotic AI, there's nothing necessarily wrong with the shooter – but it fails to ever do anything to justify its existence. If you have a group of buddies willing to commit to the experience, then you may find a glimmer of fun here. Otherwise, expect one long, dreary slog.
Dan RyckertMay 28, 2013
I was bothered by the cutscene situation, the basic AI (both friendly and enemy), a couple of glitches that forced restarts, and the dramatic change in fun factor when playing solo. That said, I can’t deny that I spent a lot of time laughing while playing with three others. If chaotic, over-the-top shootouts are your thing, there’s plenty to like in Fuse amongst the frustrations. Just be sure to bring some friends along for the ride.
Mitch DyerMay 27, 2013
This is a loud, chaotic, and fun bit of extraordinary violence in an otherwise lighthearted world, but it rarely achieves the greatness it strives for. If you can overlook the tonal inconsistencies, Fuse’s shallow, familiar shooting can thrive. Success comes when the unacceptable teammate A.I. is replaced by a group of friends unleashing the awesome power of their alien-powered weaponry. Fuse is an all-or-nothing experience, though. Bring a full crew or don’t waste your time.
OPSMMay 29, 2013
Although it’s far from fresh, Insomniac’s Ratchet & Clank heritage shines through in the ludicrous chains of destruction
Arttu RajalaMay 29, 2013
Somewhere in production hell this game strayed from what could have been a fun diversion, to become a generic and unimaginative mess. What saves the game at the end of the day are the mechanics and the co-op, and it is a sad revelation that the Fuse-powered weapons have more personality than the main characters. If you've got a bunch of friends who enjoy playing co-op, then Fuse is worth a shot, but there are better alternatives available in the genre.
VGChartz StaffMay 29, 2013
Look, this game... this game is like when you go to a restaurant and order a fancy grilled cheese sandwich. You are promised artisan bread and gourmet cheeses. However, what you get is some grilled Wonder Bread with some butter in the middle. It's grilled just right and there isn't anything really wrong with the ingredients, they just aren't what you were expecting.
Taren StevensJul 02, 2013
Combat gets repetitive, fast. One dimensional characters populate a lifeless story. The friendly AI isn't great. Design-by-committee appears to have robbed Fuse of not only its former name and aesthetic, but also of any gameplay depth. It's a multiplatform misstep for Insomniac that will have Xbox owners wondering why that studio is so beloved in the first place.
Álvaro CastellanoMay 30, 2013
Componiendo un título estimable en mayor o menor medida, pero que nos ha dejado fríos, Fuse es sin duda una decepción para el comienzo de la andadura de Insomniac Games lejos del abrigo de Sony. Lo que nos ha ofrecido su trabajo es un shooter correcto pero sin alma, un lanzamiento que se salva de caer en el tedio si lo disfrutamos acompañados.
Mathias OertelMay 30, 2013
Handwerklich solide und ausgestattet mit einer brauchbaren Partner-KI, die allerdings zu Lasten der tumben Gegner-Intelligenz geht, plätschert die Action vor sich hin und punktet lediglich mit dem einen oder anderen Bosskampf. Nach etwa acht Stunden Kampagne und ein paar Ausflügen in den Echelon-Modus hat man zwar nicht das Gefühl, seine Zeit vergeudet zu haben. Doch auch wenn das Quartett den Army of Two-Söldnern derzeit seinen Rang abläuft, bleibt der Eindruck einer soliden Auftragsarbeit, die das letzte Herzblut von Insomniac vermissen lässt.
PanthaaJun 05, 2013
Malheureusement, le titre vire très vite à la surenchère d'action peu subtile, et la supposée complémentarité entre chaque héros n'est au final ni essentielle ni flagrante. Fuse est un jeu agréable entre amis, un peu moins tout seul, et même s'il ne se révèle pas désagréable à jouer, on est en droit pour ce prix-là de demander une qualité bien supérieure. Les lacunes au niveau du contenu, de la réalisation, et des innovations présentes entachent clairement l’intérêt du titre.
Marco SalvaneschiMay 28, 2013
Nonostante Fuse fili via fin troppo liscio come l’olio in una decina scarsa di ore, le sue dinamiche cooperative legate all’uso combinato delle quattro particolarissime armi sono infatti intelligenti e divertenti, anche se da uno sviluppatore con il pedigree (Lombax) di Insomniac era lecito aspettarsi uno sviluppo ancora maggiore delle stesse. D’altra parte, la sua scarsa personalità narrativa e artistica, unite a un’I.A. non propriamente carismatica, rendono Fuse un infuso multipiattaforma un po’ amaro da digerire per chi si aspettava dallo sviluppatore californiano una produzione ai livelli della sua prestigiosa tradizione.
David WahlströmJun 10, 2013
Insomniac har försökt skapa något som är annorlunda från deras tidigare verk, vilket i sig är värt beröm. I dessa försök har de dock endast lyckats skapa ett spel som är extremt likt dussintals andra i samma genre. Med det sagt är Fuse ändå väldigt underhållande nästan hela vägen, speciellt om du har ett par vänner att spela tillsammans med.