Fuse for PlayStation 3


May 28, 2013
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Developer: Insomniac Games
Content Rating: Mature


Set in the near-future, Fuse follows a team of four elite agents obliterating enemy strongholds using fringe-tech gadgets and lethal teamwork. The members of Overstrike 9 are comprised of an ex-mercenary, Interpol's most wanted thief, a gifted young scientist and a decorated detective. Collectively, they are the agency's outcasts. But a shadowy organization threatens to wipe out humankind. Thanks to each agent's unique talents and a tendency to completely ignore protocol – Overstrike 9 is the only option left. Fuse blends developer Insomniac Games' flair for exotic weaponry and immersive storytelling with a touch of humor in this 4 person co-op action game.

Critic Reviews

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Rev3GamesMay 28, 2013
Josh EngenMay 28, 2013
For as much as I complain, though, I genuinely enjoyed my time with Fuse. However, it never transcended into the brilliant game that I was hoping for. Its storyline is a fairly bland romp and there are several moments throughout the game when you'll swear that Insomniac is blatantly ripping off titles like Mass Effect 3 and Borderlands 2. But even most of that would be forgivable if the title did something genuinely new.
Dan RyckertMay 28, 2013
I was bothered by the cutscene situation, the basic AI (both friendly and enemy), a couple of glitches that forced restarts, and the dramatic change in fun factor when playing solo. That said, I can’t deny that I spent a lot of time laughing while playing with three others. If chaotic, over-the-top shootouts are your thing, there’s plenty to like in Fuse amongst the frustrations. Just be sure to bring some friends along for the ride.

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