FIFA 14 for PlayStation 3


Sep 24, 2013

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Developer: EA Vancouver
Content Rating: Everyone


The game plays the way great soccer matches are contested with innovations to the award-winning gameplay that inspire fans to build play through midfield dictating the tempo of a match. Key Features: Pure Shot - Position yourself for the perfect strike. Protect the Ball - Dominate midfield and dictate the tempo. Real Ball Physics - Authentic ball movement and control.

Critic Reviews

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Jonny HercockSep 24, 2013
Ultimately, FIFA 14 is a refined culmination of the past 7 or 8 generations of football game on current generation consoles. It’s been tweaked and polished into the best FIFA yet. I look forward to seeing how it plays on next generation consoles, as it was thoroughly enjoyable on what is considerably aged machinery now. I won’t pretend that FIFA 14 will be considered universally as the best football game ever though.
Adam DolgeSep 23, 2013
EA Sports has the gameplay nailed down, but we need some fresh changes to career modes. Sadly the overall presentation is stale and the announcers haven't said anything really unique or new in years. These are areas where we need to see something different next year. Keep up the gameplay tweaks, but let's get some attention on presentation and let's see a overhaul of some game modes. Until then, FIFA 14 is a worthy entry in the franchise, and something that finally feels different.
Joshua BruceSep 24, 2013
All in all, I really did enjoy my time with FIFA 14. I’m not sure if it’s the best game in the series, but it kept me playing for hours on end, and that’s enough for me. The visual and audio competence supported by the rock-solid gameplay is a winning combination, and just goes to show how much EA has perfected the major-league game formula.

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