Fast and Furious: Showdown for PlayStation 3

Fast and Furious: Showdown

May 21, 2013
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Developer: Firebrand Games
Content Rating: Teen


BECOME A PART OF THE CREW! Strap in and get ready for an intense ride as you team up to take down a dangerous international gang that can only be stopped by you and the rest of the Fast & Furious crew. Get behind the wheel of some of the world’s most intense rides and take on high-stakes driving missions cooperatively with a friend or computer A.I. Put your skills to the test in Challenge Mode, an over-the-top game mode offering addictive objectives and high re-playability.

Critic Reviews

2 Reviews
Marty SlivaMay 24, 2013
Awful driving physics, weak shooting, short, buggy missions, ugly tracks, and badly impersonated voice acting make Fast & Furious: Showdown the epitome of an insultingly terrible movie tie-in game. Send it to the impound lot and let’s never speak of it again.
Jan WöbbekingMay 30, 2013
Kein ambitioniertes Missionsdesign, keine präzise Steuerung, keine ablenkende Prachtkulisse, keine störende Qualitätskontrolle. Nur klassischer ehrlicher Trash; wie in guten alten Zeiten, bevor Nestbeschmutzer wie Batman: Arkham Asylum das Genre mit Qualität verwässerten. Firebrand hat sich sogar die Mühe gemacht, die Umsetzungen an die Eigenheiten der Plattformen anzupassen.

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