Farming Simulator 2013 for PlayStation 3

Farming Simulator 2013

Nov 19, 2013
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Developer: GIANTS Software
Content Rating: Everyone


Welcome to the greatest farming simulation ever made! Farming Simulator invites you into the demanding world of a modern day farmer with BRAND NEW content and vehicles. Take on all the challenges of farming life. Breed animals, harvest and sell crops, and advance in your career as you manage your own farm in a huge open world!

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Lee CooperDec 05, 2013
Farming Simulator 2013 is a very basic simulation. You’ll repeat the same actions enough times to make you wish you could dive in front of a thresher, and once you’re able to abandon tedious labor for micromanagement, you’ll be tired of staring at your lifeless cows and pixelated fields. There’s no option to violate the livestock, which immediately diminishes any semblance of realism, and everything looks like it was produced for the GameCube.
Sammy BarkerSep 16, 2013
Farming Simulator is nowhere near ripe enough for an unwavering recommendation, but budding agronomists will unearth the seeds of a compelling experience germinating beneath its grubby exterior. The title’s got more warts than an infected potato, but if you’re itching for something a little out of the ordinary, there’s the husk of an enjoyable husbandry excursion here.
Aran SuddiSep 05, 2013
Overall Farming Simulator is a purely basic simulator game. You plant, you cultivate, you harvest, you sell. That is the process over and over, with repetitive missions cropping unless you turn them off. If you’ve ever wanted to run a farm, then this is for you, but other than that there’s no real need for the game on console.asic simulator game. You plant, you cultivate, you harvest, you sell.

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