Fairytale Fights for PlayStation 3

Fairytale Fights

Oct 27, 2009
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Developer: Playlogic Entertainment
Content Rating: Mature


A sick & twisted fighting game featuring many of your favorite fairy tale characters from childhood now acting like the crazy maniacs your deviant adult mind could only imagine them to be! Players choose one favorite fairytale character with whom they will try and save a fantasy world from certain doom. Luckily many different weapons lay around in this fairytale world, which players can use to shoot and carve up enemies… and this is where the fun begins! Cute fairytale characters will fight each other until nothing else remains than a big puddle of blood!

Critic Reviews

13 Reviews
Tom OrryOct 26, 2009
Without the substance to go with the game's amusingly twisted appearance, Fairytale Fights never really gets past the opening chapter.
Carolyn PetitNov 03, 2009
Even if it were a downloadable game for a fraction of the price, Fairytale Fights would not be recommendable. The very idea of this shallow, repetitive, bloated, excruciating adventure as a full-priced retail offering is nothing short of ludicrous. If there's any moral to be gleaned from this demented fairy tale, it is this: Don't play this game.
Sammy BarkerOct 26, 2009
You will lose in-game money when you die, but as far as we can tell, money has no real influence on the game anyway. Aside from buying some weapons that aren't much better than those lying on the floor, or building a statue (!), there's no real reason to collect the game's currency, and as such no real penalty for death.

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