F1 2012 for PlayStation 3

F1 2012

Sep 12, 2012
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The glamour. The exhilaration. The intensity. The speed. With drivers cruising a smooth 200 mph — minimum — and cutthroat teams carving out dynasties of speed, Formula One is the most elite racing circle in the world and the most thrilling motorsport tearing up the tracks. Every curve of the track, every control on the dashboard and every strategy in the pit lane is of utmost importance in this intensified world — and it's all re-created in stunning detail. Let breakneck speeds and ultra responsive cars transport you to the glamorous world of Formula One as you race toward the finish line.

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Matthew KatoSep 17, 2012
Racing cars of this magnitude is not like hitting the streets with some jacked-up sports car. F1 cars are a special breed, and Codemasters has done a great job conveying that. Some of the racing moments are challenging and exciting the likes of which you won't find in other titles. A little more depth in the series' career mode could go a long way into making that portion of the game just as special.
Ken BarnesOct 05, 2012
F1 2012 is heavily flawed gem. Visually stunning and eminently thrilling one minute, needlessly ugly and overtly annoying the next, it’s a game that really doesn’t do enough to improve over last season’s effort. What’s worse is that fans of the series have been voraciously pouncing on any chance to complain about these issues to the developer for two years now, and they – once again – seem to have been ignored.
Richard WalkerSep 27, 2012
Another podium-worthy effort from Codemasters that deserves to be doused in expensive champagne once more. F1 2012 is the best Formula One game Codies has made to date, welcoming newcomers with open arms, while refusing to dial down the realism for the established fans. A tough balancing act that F1 2012 pulls off with aplomb.

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