EyePet for PlayStation 3


Sep 5, 2010

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Content Rating: Everyone


EyePet is virtually projected into your living room where he can play and interact with you and your family. Grab a PlayStation Eye camera and PlayStation Move motion controller (required) and control toys and objects on screen just by moving your hands. You can also create drawings in the real world and watch them come to life as 3-D toys with which your EyePet can play with on screen. Everyone is going to love playing with and caring for this cute and lovable creature. EyePet is the first 3-D animated pet for the PS3, and is the perfect addition for any family!

Critic Reviews

10 Reviews
Nicole TannerSep 01, 2010
I thoroughly enjoyed my time with EyePet and was surprised by the variety of things to do with him in order to keep things fresh. The game is very clearly aimed at families and kids, so if you don't tend to like pet simulations already, then you probably won't care for EyePet. But, if you do, then I think you'll find EyePet to be the most realistic and satisfying one that you've played.
Anthony SeverinoSep 17, 2010
If you have children and they want a pet, but you’re against the responsibility, EyePet may actually be a decent substitute. If you’re looking for a fun PlayStation Move game to play with your family and young children, EyePet is it.
Matthew KeastJun 24, 2012
So take this as a gift recommendation – kids and female significant others will be “awwwing” for days on end if given this inventive, imaginative (if a bit wonky) game. For the lady gamers out there: if you like cute things at all, don’t be afraid to pick this up, and don’t be surprised if your man ends up cooing at that damn monkey-dog right alongside you.

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