Earth Defense Force 2025 for PlayStation 3

Earth Defense Force 2025

Feb 18, 2014

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Developer: Sandlot
Content Rating: Mature


Eight years ago, a league of hardcore, gun-slinging heroes recovered humanity from the brink of extinction. But if you thought humankind could once again sleep soundly, you were deeply mistaken. Yes, the Ravagers were dispelled from the Earth's surface, but far beneath our cities and streets, a new breed of threat was evolving. And it's about to be unleashed. Giant insects and aliens are invading the planet again, but this time, from deep within its own core. An evolved enemy demands evolved heroes.

Critic Reviews

18 Reviews
Brian AlbertFeb 18, 2014
Earth Defense Force 2025, a game about fighting giant bugs, has been dragged down by significant performance bugs. I can forgive (and even enjoy) the quirky physics and awkward voice acting EDF is known for, but the terrible frame rate turns this fast-paced action game into a slow-motion chug-fest when it matters most. Killing bugs with these varied classes and weapons is still a ton of fun (especially in co-op) but not what it should be.
John VanderSchuitFeb 28, 2014
If you’re willing to brave the wonky controls, bland looks, repetitive sounds and wholly uninspiring story, there’s a content-rich base-level appeal to Earth Defense Force 2025 that will draw you in. With upcoming DLC, there’s missions, weapons, and co-op to keep you entertained for a long, long time. EDF gets the basics right. Yet I cannot shake the feeling that the game could have used far more TLC from a developer that has already been around the block.
Jared RosenFeb 18, 2014

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