Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn

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Jared PettyJul 10, 2014
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn is a fast and fun brawler with enough loot-crafting and variety between modes to keep things from getting too stale too quick. Played in short bursts, it’s an amusing arcade-style distraction incorporating a long-term reward system that keeps me coming back.
Anthony LaBellaJul 09, 2014
Nothing about Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn truly stands out, but developer Omega Force knows its audience and focuses on a specific design approach that works. The combat does little to deviate itself from past entries, but decimating thousands of enemies in mere minutes still provides some level of fun. Fans of Gundam will surely love the inclusion of six different series, and the number of mobile suits and upgrades gives some incentive to keep playing.
Brittany VincentJul 09, 2014
It is possible that non-Gundam fans could enjoy this game on the merits of “beating up the bad guy robots” alone, but they’d end up missing out on the charm of what makes Gundam special. I can only hope with the new generation of gaming consoles we'll continue to see titles like this that are worthy of the legacy of the original IP.
Judi AzmandJul 15, 2014
While Dynasty Warrior: Gundam Reborn is somewhat fun, the combat is a little lackluster with extremely basic and repetitive moves and constant hovering from one side of the map to the other to complete objectives and missions. The dialogue and CGI cut scenes within the battles do keep the battle interesting though, but the combat just isn’t on par to the presentation.
Dermot CreeganJul 05, 2014
It’s unfortunate that the Dynasty Warriors formula couldn’t have been better tailored to such rich source material, as there was tantalizing potential for Gundam Reborn to be the definitive interactive Gundam experience. But it succeeds at what it aims to be: an action game full of epic displays of power and an endless supply of enemies to destroy, despite little variation in gameplay. Gundam and Dynasty Warriors fans will inevitably enjoy it most, but it remains approachable with streamlined storytelling and the subtle allure of stylish mobile suits.
Chandler WoodJul 05, 2014
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn feels like it could do with some fresh mechanics, and maybe a jump to next gen could offer the capabilities needed to improve it. As it stands, repetitive combat and a condensed story told in all subtitles for the Americans that are Japanese illiterate mildly hurt what was otherwise a pretty fun game full of unlockables and the ability to basically be an unstoppable robot death machine, which is really what’s at the core of every gamer’s heart right?
Robert RamseyJun 30, 2014
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn lacks a bit of the polish that we've come to expect from recent Warriors titles, but it makes up for it with the most well realised combat and best official mode that the series has seen. You'll come for the explosions, stay for the addictive levelling mechanics despite some over complex touches, and maybe even realise your dreams as you decide to smash a weaponised asteroid into Earth. Hail Zeon and all that.
Jim HargreavesJun 26, 2014
True, the series’ trademark approach to gameplay is repetitive yet, as fans will know, there is plenty of depth and nuance to be found. For instance players can find new parts for their Mobile Suits during play, adding them to their current loadout to enhance stats such as speed or attack power. Side objectives are also given in ample supply, rewarding diligent pilots with new characters to use in-game.
Jae LeeJul 11, 2014
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn is not a bad game. The combat, while repetitive, is serviceable, and the amount of fan service here for Gundam fans is staggering. However, at the end of the day, it’s still yet another Dynasty Warriors game with very little to distinguish it from the others.
Damian SeetoJul 09, 2014
Overall, I felt Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn was a mixed bag. There are times of brilliance the game offers, but the repetitive gameplay is what holds it down several notches. You’ll love this game if you are used to Dynasty Warriors games, but everyone else might think the combat gets boring after a few minutes. For Gundam fans, there is tons of content packed in here for you.
Kat BaileyJul 07, 2014
You probably know what you're getting into if you're picking up Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn. Any resemblance it might have to depth is purely superficial. But as an excuse to grind mobile suits, it's more fun than it has any right to be. I'll admit, I find it kind of a guilty pleasure, much like I do Gundam Wing. Sadly, western fans aren't likely to get anything better for the foreseeable future.
James BowdenJun 26, 2014
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn is a success in an oft-misunderstood genre. What it lacks in the kookiness of its similarly successful One Piece stable-mate it makes up for in bombast, explosions and simple speed and playability. It’s still ultimately Dynasty Warriors, but Gundam Reborn may well be the most accessible, understandable and engrossing interpretation of the Dynasty Warriors template to date.
Wayne SantosJul 08, 2014
Then, Koei Tecmo and Bandai Namco teamed up and brought this same sensibility to the various worlds of Gundam, which brings us to Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn.
Dane SmithJul 01, 2014
Gundam and Dynasty Warriors fans will have a field day with this game. The fan service alone is enough to warrant a purchase. Those who have not already bought into the tried and true formula will find an easier, more arcade-like game that can be done in spurts. Hardcore detractors of the series will still consider it a mindless button masher.
Ramón VarelaJun 26, 2014
La temática bien diferenciada del Romance de los tres reinos lo hace menos sensible a quemarse que una secuela protagonizada por Cao Cao, pero eso no quita que el fondo sea lo mismo: machacar rivales clónicos con un limitado arsenal de combos. ¿Divertido? Sin duda, los musou son una gran terapia contra el estrés cuando deseas alejarte de complicaciones o tramas con demasiadas pretensiones. A veces basta un mapa repleto de enemigos que machacar, y eso es justo lo que este título ofrece.
Joaquín Relaño GómezJun 26, 2014
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn sigue brindándonos la posibilidad de luchar en un sinfín de batallas masivas estilo Musou controlando a los pilotos y mobile suits más míticos de la no menos legendaria serie Gundam. El juego prometía ofrecer no pocas novedades a los aficionados a la franquicia, pero finalmente el número de añadidos es bastante escaso, e incluso se da un paso atrás respecto a entregas precedentes en temas como el apartado visual. Es una pena que Omega Force siga pecando de falta de ambición, ya que el juego se queda corto en muchos aspectos.
Sergio MartínJun 26, 2014
Una vez más PS3 recibe en exclusiva otra de las producciones hack´n slash de Tecmo Koei y Omega Force. DW Gundam Reborn es, además, una de las entregas más entretenidas de la serie de todas las editadas en los últimos tiempos, gracias sobre todo a la llegada de los famosos mechas que insuflan de nueva vida a las continuas batallas. El desarrollo es tan predecible como invariable, pero los amantes de este tipo de propuestas sabrán valorar sus cualidades, en especial su divertido modo para dos jugadores.
Benjamin SchmädigJul 18, 2014
Der bot wahrlich keine Offenbarung, aber die Gefechte waren sowohl im Kampf Mech gegen Masse als auch in der taktischen Gebietseroberung vielschichtiger. Mich schmerzt vor allem der Wegfall der Partnerangriffe, weil sie dem stupiden Kloppmist ein wenig Herz verliehen. Anstatt solche Feinheiten auszubauen, spielt sich der vierte Dynasty-Warriors-Ableger so routiniert und glatt, so anspruchslos und viel zu vertraut, dass der Vorgänger auch in Zukunft meine erste Wahl bleibt, wenn ich mal abschalten will.
Nicolas VerletJul 01, 2014
En se contentant de refourguer une fois encore la même cuvée à quelques nuances de gameplay près - il y en a, et elles rendent le jeu encore plus spectaculaire - Tecmo Koei se limite à un public restreint : les fans de Gundam et de Dynasty Warriors, qui n'ont que faire de la technique ou de la variété tant que le spectacle envoie du lourd. Tant pis pour les autres, ils ne sauront pas ce qu'ils loupent.
LespolJul 09, 2014
Malgré un contenu une nouvelle fois colossal susceptible de vous occuper plusieurs centaines d'heures, ce Dynasty Warriors : Gundam Reborn a un gros côté déjà-vu qui en limite l'intérêt. L'abandon du cel shading, des histoires un poil verbeuses, un aspect très répétitif et un mode coop perfectible sont malheureusement aussi à déplorer. Néanmoins, il sait se rattraper un tantinet grâce à son concentré d'action, ses pouvoirs propres à chaque Mobile Suit et ses zones de jeu un peu plus ouvertes. Bref, si vous êtes un fan absolu, vous pouvez vous laisser tenter, sinon passez votre chemin.
Filippo FacchettiJun 26, 2014
Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn è disponibile esclusivamente su PS3 in versione scaricabile dal PlayStation Store. Pur non rappresentando un evidente passo avanti per il genere, il gioco è in grado di garantire diverse ore di divertimento ai fan di Gundam e dei Musou, giustificandone l'acquisto. Se non avete punti in contatto con nessuna di queste realtà, tuttavia, questo non è il gioco che fa per voi.
Stefano CastelliJun 27, 2014
Certo, la fluidità dell’azione è quasi sempre molto buona e questo, per un titolo simile, vale più di determinati effetti grafici, ma globalmente l’aspetto visivo di Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn resta blando e limitato. Convincente invece l’accompagnamento sonoro che fa a sua volta razzia di molte musiche originali della serie per proporcele sul campo di battaglia. Assente invece il doppiaggio in inglese: ciò che ascolteremo saranno unicamente i dialoghi in giapponese fra i personaggi, con l’ausilio di sottotitoli in inglese (esatto, niente italiano).
Alwin WubsJun 26, 2014
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn is een game boordevol content en met een interessant verhaal. Helaas wordt dat verhaal grotendeels op een weinig boeiende manier verteld en bestaat de content voornamelijk uit tientallen levels die niet meer vereisen dan schaamteloos gebuttonbash. De kracht van de serie wordt daarmee onderuit gehaald en de gebrekkige gameplay vormt zelfs voor doorgewinterde Gundam-fans een eentonige, saaie worsteling.