Dynasty Warriors 8 for PlayStation 3

Dynasty Warriors 8

Jul 16, 2013

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Developer: Omega Force
Content Rating: Teen


The latest title in the "DYNASTY WARRIORS" series of tactical action games, set in the Three Kingdoms era of ancient China, takes everything that made the previous titles so popular, and adds new layers of excitement. Several new characters take the roster of playable characters to over 70.

Critic Reviews

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Jim HargreavesJul 16, 2013
Against all odds, KOEI has proven that even the smallest of adjustments are still enough to maintain interest in its hack and slash series. Hardcore fans and completionists will have an absolute field day with plenty of enjoyment to be had by non-regulars and newcomers alike.
Adam BeckJul 22, 2013
Dynasty Warriors 8 is a shockingly great game that offers an incredible amount of value in bringing a dramatized piece of history to the masses in very creative ways. While gameplay hasn’t deviated too much, the vast cast of unique characters will help make you forget how repetitive combat can be. Capitalizing on Omega Force’s strengths with a massive campaign that’s complemented with an Ambition Mode and online play, the eighth iteration offers seemingly endless hours of enjoyment in one of the best Dynasty Warriors game we’ve played.
Steven BurnsJul 16, 2013
The fact that the missions are broken down into smaller chunks and objectives means that there's some form of choice, and there's always another level to play should you get stuck. There's also the inherent appeal of crafting your own base - and as such filling it with people and shops - with the spoils, which nicely incentivises all the war-facing you're going to have to do to get them.

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