Dynasty Warriors 7 for PlayStation 3

Dynasty Warriors 7

Mar 29, 2011
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Developer: Omega Force
Content Rating: Teen


Based on the epic novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the genre-defining Dynasty Warriors series depicts the massive battles ignited by the fall of the Han Dynasty when three rebellious states moved to overthrow the Emperor of China.
Incredible might and power of warriors is born again in this seventh chapter of the dynasties with Shu, Wei, Wu and the new Kingdom of Jin, the state that superseded the Three Kingdoms period. Dynasty Warriors 7 will embrace new technology with full stereoscopic 3D.

Critic Reviews

11 Reviews
Colin MoriartyMar 30, 2011
Dynasty Warriors 7 is one of those games that really only appeals to a certain niche of gamers. And that&#Array;s totally fine. Dynasty Warriors fans are going to find a whole lot to like with Dynasty Warriors 7, including an expansive set of options that will keep players busy for a very long time.
Joseph PetersonApr 12, 2011
At the end of the day this is a title that will only appeal to hack and slash fanatics, and will push away many people looking for something more. For fans its the typical Dynasty Warriors release, but for just about everyone else it’s just an average action title begging for your purchase
Robert VerBruggenMar 29, 2011
Longtime Dynasty Warriors fans don't need a review to tell them to buy this game. They're caught up in the story, some of them probably really love hacking and slashing, and, well, good for them. For the average gamer, however, this is a long, tedious, repetitive slog through hundreds of faceless enemies

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