Dynasty Warriors 6 for PlayStation 3

Dynasty Warriors 6

Feb 19, 2008
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Developer: Omega Force
Content Rating: Teen


Based on the epic novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the genre-defining Dynasty Warriors series depicts the massive battles ignited by the fall of the Han Dynasty when three rebellious states moved to overthrow the Emperor of China. Expanding over the original with a new combat engine, Dynasty Warriors 6 delivers the exhilaration of single-handedly destroying thousands of soldiers on massive fields of combat. The lightning-fast king-fu fighting, fluid animation, intuitive combat system and immersive game environments push the limits of tactical action!

Critic Reviews

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Wesley Yin-PooleMar 04, 2008
I can't help but feel very disappointed by DW6. There's a great game buried somewhere deep within the Dynasty Warriors concept, and now that the Xbox 360 and the PS3 have been out for a while there really is no reason why it can't happen. But it seems that Omega Force either can't be bothered to breathe fresh air into the franchise...
Game TrailersMar 04, 2008
The game isn’t terrible, but it isn’t any more engaging or less repetitive than it’s been for the past five versions. Maybe one day Koei will be bothered to implement a better camera, more engaging controls, or online play, but for now this franchise feels stuck in a rut.
Russ FischerFeb 21, 2008
The best thing to say about Dynasty Warriors 6 is that it's an easy way to kill quite a few hours, but that doesn't make it particularly good. In much the same way, many people will salivate thinking about a can of Pringles, but that doesn't mean the reconstituted potato shingles are food.

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