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Jul 17, 2012

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Dyad is an abstract racing/shooter/puzzle hybrid where players move forward by manipulating other vessels on the track.

Dyad also explores the mind state of the player -- the game is designed to create a strong sense of flow, upon which it offers different contemplative approaches. The topics of contemplation, called Mantras, create a thought-based metagame on top of the audio-visual gameplay.

An independently-developed project created by Shawn McGrath, Dyad is made for play on PlayStation 3 consoles. It has also been demonstrated at festivals using "The Machine", a device built for full immersion into the Dyad experience.

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Tim TuriJul 16, 2012
It’s not quite a rhythm game, but the steady beat and ethereal enemy sound effects influenced my pace. Dyad falls into a genre gray zone that makes it hard to define. Playing for long stretches feels like sensory over-indulgence, which could be good or bad depending on your sensitivity. No matter how busy the onscreen action becomes, Dyad is consistently entertaining and rarely frustrating.
Colin MoriartyJul 12, 2012
This PSN exclusive offers something unique and fun to the PlayStation audience, and it’s a game I truly think that a wide variety of gamers with an even wider variety of genre preferences can enjoy. Don’t be intimidated by what appears to be a high level of entry. Give Dyad a try and get sucked into it just like I did.
Jeremy PeeplesJul 27, 2012
As an experience, it’s one of the most unforgettable of the generation, and overall one of the best games on PSN. It reminds me a lot of Flower in the sense that there are a lot of intangible qualities that make the game something you need to experience, along some that you can put a finger on fairly easily. It’s a different kind of must-play experience than most games, but still easily worth your time and money.

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