Dragon's Crown for PlayStation 3

Dragon's Crown

Aug 6, 2013
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Developer: Atlus
Content Rating: Teen


Dragon's Crown is a multiplayer hack and slash beat 'em up game with breathtaking visual style, a design built around cooperative play and epic boss fights, and the ability to discover a new adventure in every play session. Dragon's Crown allows up to four players to team up online to clear out monster-ridden dungeons, discover precious treasure, and destroy awe-inspiring bosses. Its unique, highly replayable design means that every time players can boot up and log on, they can expect a different experience and hours upon hours of satisfying adventuring.

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Colin MoriartyJul 31, 2013
Dragon’s Crown is about to put Vanillaware on the map. Whether on PlayStation 3 or PS Vita, it’s an enjoyable and deep old-school romp with an incredible amount of charm and an even higher amount of replay value. The experience is virtually identical on PS3 and Vita, but if you absolutely, positively only want to buy one, I’d go for the PlayStation 3 version, as its chaotic action is more readable and better appreciated on the big screen.
Zack ReeseAug 06, 2013
I loved every moment I spent inside the world of Dragon's Crown, from the very first moment I set up my character to the time I spent in its world and online right to the ending moments. There's plenty of content here to keep one engrossed with for a counless number of hours, and who knows what they may come up with for additional DLC down the line. As the crowning achievement of the genre, Dragon's Crown provides the peak of what the sidescroller beat-'em-up can provide in the modern era, and definitely comes highly recommended.
Lucas SullivanAug 05, 2013
Dragon's Crown may start slow, but opens into a truly rewarding experience with each additional hour you put in. Despite some initial barriers to entry, it's still one of Vanillaware's most accessible games, catering to the hardcore while inviting in newcomers with its familiar gameplay and beautiful art. Once you've gotten into the groove of controlling your favorite class, it's easy to play Dragon's Crown for hours on end. Just don't forget to go to the bathroom every once in a while.

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