Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z for PlayStation 3

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

Jan 28, 2014
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Developer: Artdink
Content Rating: Teen


Since its beginning, Dragon Ball Z has captivated fans with the amazing fights between Goku, his friends and their enemies, and once again they are all back for a new rumble. Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z delivers original and unique fighting gameplay in the beloved world from series' creator Akira Toriyama. Focusing on team battles, players will be able to battle online with or against their friends in frantic 4-player co-op or up to 8-player vs.

Critic Reviews

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Heidi KempsMar 12, 2014
There are some other complaints to be levied here--such as every transformation being a separate character variant rather than a state you can enter mid-battle. But what ultimately sinks Battle of Z isn't the little fan nitpicks, it's just ill-conceived design as a whole. It's certainly not the worst DBZ game ever released, but if there's ever been a statement that's damning with faint praise, that would be it.
Jake MageeFeb 05, 2014
Battle of Z’s faithful models, beautiful settings, and chaotic action are an excellent fit for those seeking another tribute to the legendary anime and manga series. Fighting on both sides of every major encounter from the show is a treat, and overcoming the challenge of downing particularly difficult enemies is extremely satisfying, especially with a couple friends at your back.
Doug MercerFeb 05, 2014
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is going to be divisive. Hardcore DBZ fans are going to love it regardless while casual fans and gamers are going to give it a big pass. Personally, while I did have some fun, the lack of offline play, the long wait times for online play, the dated graphics and repetitive game play have put me squarely in the latter. If you just want to have a good old fashioned Super Sayian throw down, pick this one up. If that sentence doesn’t immediately excite you or you don’t know what that means, I’d recommend you pick up something else.

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