Dragon Fantasy Book II

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Elizabeth HengesOct 26, 2013
Dragon Fantasy Book II is an ambitious title, but unfortunately marred by a few too many problems to be as fun as Book I. It is not a bad game, but the title tends to drag on in the middle, and the tedium with having to deal with inferior monsters and stray bugs are bound to grate on many nerves. Regardless, if you played Book I and are interested in how the story continues, Book II is still worth picking up at some point... especially if you are interested in what might might happen next in the planned 64-bit Book III.
Stew ShearerSep 11, 2013
In many ways Dragon Fantasy Book II is an ambitious undertaking, aiming to revisit and recreate one of the most beloved periods in console role-playing games. The fact that it's not entirely successful is disappointing, to be sure, but nonetheless, Book II remains an entertaining experience that retro gamers and RPG devotees would be hard pressed to dislike.
Mitch DyerOct 02, 2013
Dragon Fantasy: Book II’s over-reliance on exploiting nostalgia leaves little room to take advantage of its too few interesting contributions to the traditional Japanese RPG structure. Consequently, it subjects itself to the same problems that have long since been ironed out.
Robert RamseySep 15, 2013
Like the bald hero himself, Dragon Fantasy: Book II emerges from the dungeon victorious, boasting of pretty graphics, a glorious soundtrack, and solid gameplay. But its celebration of JRPGs is cursed with unnecessary mechanics and cut short by technical shortcomings. Ogden would have been better off fondly reminiscing about his previous, more enjoyable adventures.