DmC: Devil May Cry for PlayStation 3

DmC: Devil May Cry

Jan 15, 2013

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Developer: Ninja Theory
Content Rating: Mature


Players take on the role of Dante as he uses his powers and weaponry to fight against enemies and navigate the treacherous Limbo. Like previous games in the series, Dante can perform combos by attacking with his sword, Rebellion, and shooting with his twin pistols, Ebony and Ivory. New to the series are modifiers to Dante's moveset, known as Angel Mode and Devil Mode, activated by holding down one of the trigger buttons. When in Angel mode, Dante's sword attacks change to the Osiris, a speedy scythe type weapon, whilst Devil mode uses the slower but more powerful Arbiter.

Critic Reviews

27 Reviews
Kris LipscombeJan 14, 2013
It’s obvious why long time fans of Devil May Cry had concerns about the reboot of the series but Ninja Theory have done a lovely job with taking over the reigns. It’s certainly not without its issues, and at this stage in a generation you feel like a game should probably be wielding more graphical clout, but the game’s combat more than makes up for it.
Michael HarradenceJan 14, 2013
Regardless of your opinion of the new-look Dante and his rejigged backstory, DmC plays just like any of its precursor titles, while adding its own flavour in terms of aesthetics and emphasis on platforming sections. All in all there’s not a great deal to fault here; some load times are a bit on the lengthy side, and there’s the odd hiccup during cut-scenes, but overall DmC is unequivocally one of the most stylish, rewarding and compelling action games you’ll play this generation.
Angelo M. D'ArgenioJan 15, 2013
Overall, I really enjoyed DmC. Yes, it's darker, grittier, and deals with more relevant issues, but it's still everything I want from a Devil May Cry game. It tells the tale of a cocky demon-hunting protagonist that saves the day through fast-paced, combo-centric action gameplay. If Capcom and Ninja Theory were trying to make a brand new Devil May Cry for a new generation, then they've certainly succeeded. I'd wholeheartedly recommend this game to any fan of the Devil May Cry series, or of action games in general.

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