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William SchwartzSep 03, 2013
Diablo III on consoles is a great game, that is, if you don’t have a PC that can run it. It’s definitely got all the trappings that it launched with on PC, and will keep you busy for hours on end if you fall into the black hole of the higher difficulty levels and hardcore modes. If you haven’t played it on PC, I recommend you pick it up. Unfortunately, I have, and there’s no reason whatsoever to play the console version over the PC version.
Jeff MarchiafavaSep 03, 2013
The console version of Diablo III is different from the PC version, and some diehard fans will denounce it for that reason alone. For me, however, it’s different in all the right ways. With an engaging new control scheme, fewer online hurdles, and all the depth of the original, taking on Diablo’s legion of demon lords has never been more enjoyable.
Greg GiddensSep 16, 2013
Aside from some graphical and interface niggles, Diablo III has made the transition to the PS3 exceptionally well. The addictive loot loop remains intact here, and it's furthered by the addition of an excellent couch co-op mode. With several classes to sample and a seemingly never-ending supply of gear, this is an impressive port of an already outstanding game.
Cameron TeagueSep 03, 2013
Diablo III for home consoles has everything diehard fans have come to expect of the series, with a few very well-placed changes. The subtraction of the account and inclusion of couch coop add an easier online experience with fewer hurdles. A pacier combat system does wonder for the game’s transition to home consoles, as does the fluid control scheme and great depth to be found. With four acts and four difficulty settings, Diablo III is a game that will easily take up hours upon hours of your time without you even realizing it.
Carolyn PetitSep 09, 2013
On console as on PC, Diablo III is a very safe game. It never diverges from the path carved by its predecessors and the numerous loot-driven hack-and-slash dungeon crawlers they inspired. But Diablo III also proves that when done well, the classic formula can still be absorbing. The powerful abilities of the diverse character classes are fun to use, the world is varied and enticing, and the constant promise of more riches and better gear makes conquering that next group of foes an alluring prospect indeed.
Vince IngenitoSep 09, 2013
On its merits as an action game alone, Diablo III shines. Its weighty, brutal combat is instantly entertaining, and the steady drip of new and interesting ways to slaughter monsters by the screenfull makes leveling each of the five characters a joy. But ultimately, it’s Blizzard’s revitalization of the item hunt with more generous drop rates and transformative pieces of gear that kept me coming back for more.
Sean ClancySep 03, 2013
The changes that came with the 2.0 patch transform Diablo 3 into something far more enjoyable, and with much longer legs than the game had at launch. It might not hook you for as long as the original did, as the grind to higher Paragon levels still lacks the inherent joy in climbing towards level 99, but it's still an extremely fun game, and a worthy successor to the Diablo throne.
Arthur GiesSep 18, 2013
Games this thoughtfully crafted don't happen very often, and the care that Blizzard has taken with Diablo 3 shows in every facet of its design and execution. It might not be perfect, but after 45 hours, I'm not sure where it missteps, and after 45 hours, I feel like I've only scratched the surface of what it has to offer. Diablo 3 is almost evil in how high a bar it's set for every PC action RPG to follow, and I wouldn't be surprised to see that bar remain for a very long time.
Dan LeeSep 23, 2013
The console port of Diablo III could have been a disaster. From the control scheme, to the online play; there were so many things that could have gone wrong. Blizzard really has put the effort in though, and it shows with an absolutely fantastic port that plays brilliantly, looks good, and will keep you interested for hours on end. No, it won’t convert those who aren’t particularly interested in the genre, but if you’re after some dungeon based brawling it doesn’t get better than Diablo III.
Jaz RignallSep 04, 2013
Diablo III is a highly sophisticated, beautifully designed arcade RPG whose action is visceral, intense, and exciting. It’s deep, it gives you an absolute ton of things to do, it packs some really enjoyable challenges, and its co-op mode is up there as one of the best of this generation. If that sounds like your cup of tea, grab yourself a big mug and get pouring.
Lee CooperSep 09, 2013
If you and up to three friends are in the mood for a finely crafted, loot-driven, hack-and-slash RPG, look no further than Diablo III. The story may not be as exciting as a name like Diablo would suggest, but it hardly takes away from the overall experience. With fluid combat, huge areas to explore, dungeons to conquer, loot to lust over and friendships to be strengthened or destroyed by an able co-op mode, it’s surely the best of its kind on consoles. Diablo III was good when it launched in 2012. Now, it’s great.
Joshua BruceSep 04, 2013
So, PC gamers, burn effigies if you must, but I enjoyed Diablo III way more on console than I did on PC. There, I said it. This is simply because this version is more focused on the fun of the franchise instead of trying to turn a beloved dungeon-crawler into an MMO. No matter how you play it, though, Diablo III is the pinnacle of its genre, especially on consoles. Unfortunately, I fear that those loyal to PC gaming will never get to experience the game in this form, and that’s a shame. Now, if I can only find that damn cow level.
Lawrence SonntagMay 24, 2012
Rasmus HansenSep 03, 2013
Diablo III on console is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The graphics do not live up to the PC version (which is surprising, considering how simple they really are), but otherwise this is an excellent conversion that easily and elegantly dodges some of its big brother's problems (the much-critised auction is gone, as mentioned earlier) and even has a few new tricks in the form of more direct controls and couch co-op. If you haven't already played it on PC, you should definitely give Diablo III a look on console.
Jake WestonSep 19, 2013
Diablo III is a definite improvement over last year’s PC release, and any complaints to be made are simply holdovers from the original version. Regardless of how you feel about the quality of Diablo III’s original release, it can’t be denied that this port is a step in the right direction. It’s still not the masterpiece that Diablo II was, but Diablo III remains an exemplary addition to the genre.
Alberto PastorAug 29, 2013
Ni el mismísimo Aquelarre desatado por las fuerzas del Infierno podría despegarnos del mando si delante tenemos a Diablo III. Un titánico juego de acción y rol que peca de ser bastante conservador en lo jugable, aunque suple este y otros pequeños defectos con una fantástica jugabilidad que lleva a la máxima expresión el lema: diversión en equipo.
Juan PuigSep 10, 2013
Diablo III para consolas siempre es consciente de dónde está y nunca es incoherente con su nuevo contexto. Es cómodo de jugar y se ha quitado de encima algunos de los mayores inconvenientes de la versión de PC. Pese al bajón gráfico, el multijugador local y el resto de ajustes hacen que compense jugar en consola y, además, siempre nos pone las cosas fáciles para que nos metamos en su mundo. No se avergüenza de sus concesiones y mejora al original; no podíamos pedirle mucho más.
Enrique GarcíaAug 29, 2013
Diablo III para consolas es más una exigencia propia de Blizzard, una tarea pendiente auto-impuesta, que un producto pedido masivamente por la comunidad. Los jugadores que no han podido disfrutar del juego de rol y acción en PC tienen ahora una buena oportunidad de conocer los hechos acontecidos durante el advenimiento de Lucifer en la tercera parte de la serie. Más que una versión, que un port, Diablo III llega a consolas con una reconstrucción de sus principales bases. El sistema de control se ha modificado al completo, incluyendo interfaz, para convertirlo en una experiencia accesible en consolas.
Mathias OertelSep 03, 2013
Blizzard hat eine lupenreine Umsetzung des modernen Hack&Slay;-Klassikers abgeliefert, bei der vor allem auf die konsolengerechte Steuerung Wert gelegt wurde. Die Benutzerführung ist größtenteils vorbildlich, einzig der Austausch von Gegenständen innerhalb der Gruppe ist wie bei vielen anderen Spielen in diesem Bereich unnötig kompliziert. Schade ist allerdings, dass man versäumt hat, das Kampfsystem vor allem bei den Standardangriffen dynamischer zu gestalten. So reicht es, den Knopf gedrückt zu halten und gelegentlich einen der Angriffe mit Abkühltimer abzufeuern.
Jeux VideoSep 04, 2013
Si on attendait Blizzard au tournant, force est de constater que cette adaptation consoles de son hack'n slash est de fort belle facture. En ayant brillamment repensé le gameplay pour le support tout en ayant soigné la forme, Diablo III rayonne sur PS3 et Xbox 360. Mieux, cette version inclut quelques ajouts très intéressants sans parler des ajustements qui rendent l'expérience aussi, voire plus, enrichissante que sur PC. Une excellente pioche qui démontre qu'un genre ancré dans l'histoire du PC a également sa place sur consoles, s'il est bien pensé en amont.
Fabien PellegriniSep 03, 2013
Par ailleurs, la possibilité de jouer à quatre sur un même écran est un vrai plus. Il n'empêche que ce portage arrive un an et demi trop tard pour réellement soulever l'enthousiasme, et qu'avec un gameplay pensé dès le départ pour le duo clavier/souris, le jeu a tout de même un peu plus sa place sur PC. Mais si vous ne jurez que par la manette, n'hésitez surtout pas à foncer la tête la première dans la gueule du diable !
Jorge LoureiroSep 09, 2013
Diablo III nas consolas é mais do que recomendável. A única dúvida que permanece diz respeito ao apoio da Blizzard. No PC as atualizações são regulares e existe uma grande comunidade de fãs estabelecida, enquanto nas consolas essa comunidade ainda terá que crescer. Desde o seu início que a Blizzard é uma companhia dedicada ao PC, e não será surpreendente se assim continuar no futuro, e esta deverá ser a única razão para preferir a versão original de Diablo III.
Gianluca LoggiaAug 29, 2013
La longevità è garantita innanzitutto da un'avventura principale che, a difficoltà media, in modalità Normale, richiede intanto una decina abbondante di ore per essere portata a termine. Il gioco ha poi altre tre modalità, sbloccabili in seguito e giocabili con lo stesso personaggio, che offrono un livello di sfida sempre più alto. A questo aggiungiamo i cento livelli d'eccellenza, che bucano il cap fissato al livello 60 per i personaggi, e che rendono la caccia al tesoro praticamente infinita, soprattutto se la si affronta in compagnia di amici.
Tristan BrinkmanSep 04, 2013
Het is duidelijk dat Blizzard er goed aan heeft gedaan om Diablo III naar de consoles te porten. Met drie vrienden op de bank op een verloren zaterdagavond kerkers afstruinen opzoek naar loot was nog nooit zo verslavend. Wij durven dan ook te zeggen dat Diablo III dé co-op game is op de consoles. In je eentje is de game echter ook erg vermakelijk, dus laat je zeker niet tegenhouden als je ook maar een beetje interesse hebt. Diablo III is gewoon nog steeds de bom!
Johan LindrosSep 12, 2013
Diablo 3 är verkligen ett ypperligt actionrollspel och jag kände direkt att trots det var ett tag sen jag spelade det på PC satte spelet klorna i mig direkt igen. Vid ett tillfälle satt jag och spelade och kom på mig själv att tänka att jag inte skulle glömma bort att skriva en text om spelet också. Grafiskt håller spelet en helt ok kvalitet även om upplösningen är lägre, vilket ger en lite mer inzoomad känsla och lite sämre skärpa.


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