Defiance for PS3

Defiance (PS3)

Defiance for PS3
Developer: Trion Worlds
Content Rating: Mature


Join a futuristic online open-world shooter where thousands of players scour a transformed Earth competing for alien technology. Create a unique character and level up with diverse customization options. Hunt alone or with others as you improve your skills and unlock powerful modern and alien weapons that will help you survive the massive battles that await in this constantly evolving online world.

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Push Square


Defiance never quite comes together as well as it should, but there's the nugget of a great idea here. While the action is merely serviceable at best, there's an appeal to the connected world that's undeniably entertaining. Unfortunately, your experience is likely to be handicapped by bugs, which get in the way of the title's ambition.

Greg Giddens May 14, 2013



I love the game, and I enjoy the show. I love the fact that the game doesn’t bother me by forcing me to quest or level so I can enjoy myself, goof off, roleplay, PvP or whatever I want and I do not feel left out. The game still needs some work. The chat is still iffy, social systems like Clans seem lacking, NPCs can bug out and just stand there while you kill them, and players need more options for the camera. But, these are not game-breaking by any means. Here’s to several more seasons and DLCs.

Beau Hindman Apr 30, 2015

Games Radar+


As with many newly released MMOs, bugs are not uncommon in Defiance. Things hang in the air. Weapons and other objects sometimes take longer than they should to load. It’s easy to get stuck in an odd spot. Sporadic server downtimes have plagued the launch, but aside from them, most of the game’s technical issues are annoyances, not deal-breakers.

Adam Harshberger Apr 18, 2013



Menus taking many long seconds before the screen populates with any information. Mission progress lost and weapons gone missing. Frequent server downtimes. Delayed or failed attempts to break down your items into resources. These are some of the obstacles you must circumvent to enjoy Defiance to its fullest, and even then, nothing Defiance does is best in class. Yet it has that special spark that ignites the desire to press forward.

Kevin VanOrd Apr 18, 2013



As a huge science-fiction nerd and a fan of shooters, I went in really wanting to like Defiance and its new universe. Thing is, it’s just not very good. Rare well-designed quests are overshadowed by a host of others that feel phoned in, and though the fundamentals of shooting are competent, weak enemy AI makes the PvE combat a bore. Respectable PvP combat goes a long way, but especially when the major performance issues rear their ugly head, it's not far enough to make Defiance a recommendable experience.

Anthony Gallegos Apr 17, 2013

PS Universe


Unfortunately, its successes as a game are quickly overshadowed by its narrative and technical flaws. The world is forgettable and characters are left undeveloped. The lore of this universe is also handled poorly, which leaves you unsatisfied and uninterested in returning. Missions quickly become repetitive and many features of the game go unexplained or totally unnecessary.

Will Robinson Apr 21, 2013

The Escapist


Along with its more lackluster elements, Defiance isn't free of technical issues either. Weapon models will sometimes take a while to load in, once in a while enemies will slide across the map instead of invoking their attack or movement animations, and a few times after a receiving a radio transmission from an NPC, my character's hand would hilariously remain fixed next to their earpiece. The worst bug you might encounter is when the map or inventory screens take several minutes to load.

Paul Goodman Apr 11, 2013



As an MMO, though, Defiance does alright for itself. It gives players a massive world to explore and do quests in, as well as co-op missions and Deathmatch/Domination PvP modes. It’s jam-packed with content, and it gets more interesting once you’ve invested several hours into it.

Josh Wirtanen Apr 09, 2013

PS Lifestyle


Overall, Defiance is well worth the base price for players looking to find a great third-person shooter with a good deal of ever-evolving content. While it is far from perfect in its current condition, and the possibility for it to improve is a great incentive, the reality of it as it now stands is that it still is a very competent game that fans of the genre should check out—so long as they understand from the beginning that patches, updates, server downtime, lag and/or general internet problems are going to be an issue periodically through its life.

Anonymous Apr 10, 2013


Machinima Apr 16, 2013


Die Wartezeit auf die ohnehin so gut wie nie zustande kommenden Massenschlachten wird damit zur Tortur; das gleichen die witzlos zusammengesteckten kooperativen und Deathmatch-Partien nicht ansatzweise aus. Dem Shooter fehlt ohnehin das Mittendringefühl moderner Action, Spezialfähigkeiten wirken bestenfalls unspektakulär, schlimmstenfalls dämlich. Nein, selbst ohne Programm- und Grafikfehler wäre Defiance nicht mehr als gestreckte Langeweile.

Benjamin Schmädig Apr 11, 2013


Selon les personnes, Defiance pourra être vu comme un MMO moyen, mais original, ou comme un mauvais TPS avec quelques fonctionnalités multijoueurs sympathiques. Dans tous les cas, le constat est mitigé. Ainsi, entre un éditeur de personnages incomplet, un gameplay mou et mal équilibré, une aire de jeu monotone et des bugs graphiques à la pelle, il n'y a clairement pas de quoi s'extasier. Reste que l'idée d'associer TPS et MMO est bonne et donne lieu à quelques phases pour le moins intenses.

Lespol Apr 05, 2013

Euro Gamer


Deafiance não é um mau jogo, mas também não oferece mais do que uma solução satisfatória para um universo de MMO's onde existem pesos pesados dotados de ulteriores argumentos. Se o argumento para convencer potenciais entusiastas do jogo é a série televisiva, é melhor não depositar grandes ilusões. E como shooter na terceira pessoa em forma de MMO, revela demasiadas fragilidades e erros impossíveis de perdoar.

Vítor Alexandre May 04, 2013



Defiance is een MMO met veel potentie maar nog even opgepoetst moet worden om echt te stralen. Defiance komt wat traag op gang maar werpt na enkele uren zijn vruchten af. Het schieten werkt heerlijk en met tientallen andere Ark Hunters missies voltooien is erg leuk om te doen. De verbinding met de serie moet zich op lange termijn nog bewijzen, terwijl we bij de serie zelf nog vraagtekens hebben.

Tristan Brinkman Apr 25, 2013