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Lisa FoilesFeb 05, 2013
CvgFeb 05, 2013
Daniel BischoffFeb 05, 2013
While human enemies detract and distract from the intense atmosphere and narrative, necromorphs still stand as the most entertaining things to shoot in gaming. Repeating some of the franchise's "epic" moments cheapens them somewhat, but nothing can deflate the sci fi-horror highs throughout Dead Space 3. This monster is well-equipped, even if there's one or two limbs I'd like to lop off.
Arthur GiesFeb 05, 2013
Dead Space 3 is a monster of a game. Visceral avoided major deviations from the gameplay loop established by the previous games, instead choosing to refine those mechanics. But it has made major, substantive additions to the game's structure that make Dead Space 3 feel much more ambitious. Even more surprisingly, it has successfully executed on all of them. Visceral hasn't just avoided screwing up its game with co-op it has made it feel natural and at home, and has done it without impacting the single-player experience in any negative way.
Billy ShibleyFeb 05, 2013
Between Kinect voice commands that sorta work if you’re on your own, and playing co-op alongside a buddy, EA has pushed marketing, if not gameplay demands. How far the audience embraces the co-op won’t be clear until a few weeks into the game’s launch. In very early, and very incomplete testing, we found it functional, if not a significant advancement on the core mechanic, though we’ll reserve judgment until the technical and practical issues play out with the audience.
Ryan TaljonickFeb 05, 2013
As a solo experience, Dead Space 3 is the weakest entry in the series. The tension's still there, but it's the kind you can kill bullet by bullet until nothing is left except the dull pangs of tedium. But when you're dismembering Necromorphs with a friend at your side, it becomes a greatly enjoyable cooperative adventure. Just don't expect to feel much of that distantly familiar fear-based anxiety--in Dead Space 3, that's one terrifying monster that's nowhere to be found.
Tim TuriFeb 05, 2013
Visceral laid the foundation for a terrific horror series with the first Dead Space. The clean, HUD-less presentation, dismemberment-focused gunplay, and expertly crafted derelicts have made each successive entry feel ahead of its time. Dead Space 3 evolves the winning formula into a title not only befitting of the fantastic series, but also one of the best games of this generation.
William SchwartzFeb 05, 2013
Dead Space 3 feels like there was some kind of content or time quota that needed to be reached, and because of that, the single player feels watered down. Cooperative play is a nice fit for games of this type, but at the same time it’s a bad fit for Dead Space (or at least what Dead Space used to be). I don’t think we’re heading back anytime soon either, Dead Space 3 will be successful, but it won’t succeed on the things that made it popular in the past.
Casey LynchFeb 07, 2013
The combat system and the world Visceral has crafted in Dead Space 3 is so expertly built and well-wrought, I found myself consciously overlooking my main criticisms, because I love playing it and spending time with it. This is an important distinction to make: loving a game while being fully aware of its faults. Dead Space 3, when played the way I've been playing it, on New Game+, is an engrossing and satisfying experience.
Josh WirtanenFeb 05, 2013
All things considered, Dead Space 3 just isn’t made for those of us craving another horror experience. It’s far less scary and far more shooter-y than the previous games in the series. But for fans of set piece-based action games, Dead Space 3 has a pretty healthy buffet of amazing content. Just don’t spend any money on the microtransactions; EA needs to know that we’re not going to tolerate that sort of crap.
Brad ShoemakerFeb 05, 2013
Dead Space 3 incorporates some successful new ideas into its stock horror-action formula, and some segments of the game really impressed me, but it's hard not to feel disappointed by the weaker parts of its design. I'm still glad I saw the Dead Space trilogy through to the end--and if you're invested in the series it's absolutely worth playing--but it's too bad this respectable series, which felt so exciting and fresh when it debuted just a few years ago, had to go out on a middling note.
ScrewAttack!Feb 19, 2013
ProJaredFeb 09, 2013
Shaun McInnisFeb 05, 2013
Dead Space 3 is a big, generous game, but it sometimes reaches too far for its own good. Peppered throughout the campaign are various gameplay sequences intended to give you a little break from the core combat. Some of these are fun palate cleansers, like a scene where you're piloting a rapidly failing spaceship through a minefield of debris. Others are simply tedious, like the clumsy ice-climbing sequences on Tau Volantis.
Ernest LinFeb 05, 2013
Near the end of the game, Isaac Clarke tells John Carver, “Good men mean well. We just don’t always end up doing well.” Ironically, the statement is exactly how I feel about Visceral Games’ work on Dead Space 3. The elements they chose to add were in hopes to attract a larger audience yet in a questionable direction. What’s left is a game that is mildly fun, but filled with flaws.
Smosh GamesFeb 07, 2013
Chandler WoodFeb 05, 2013
Even with Dead Space 3’s minor faults such as the psychological, personal terror being nowhere in sight, the human enemies being a terribly executed addition, and the graphics not making a huge leap, the game is simply fun. If you are more focused on how psychologically scary the game is going to be over how much fun it is to play, you may want to knock a point or two off of the score. Additionally, if you weren’t a fan of the first two games, then Dead Space 3 isn’t going to change your mind about the series.
Rev3GamesFeb 05, 2013
Ludwig KietzmannFeb 05, 2013
Beyond that, Dead Space 3 is an exciting, shocking and mammoth adventure through the ghostly, unvarnished segments of space – and you do, thankfully, get to spend some more time flying. There aren't many games that can match the lonely, liberating movements of Isaac Clarke in nullified gravity, or his vengeful, squishy stomps of victory.
Phil HornshawFeb 08, 2013
My first single-player run of “go everywhere, do everything” play clocked in at 17 and a half hours — the game is bursting with content, and I found most of it to my liking. The weaker parts are there, and they can be frustrating — but if you like Dead Space, you’ll at least find some things to like in Dead Space 3, and you’ll get plenty for your money’s worth. You may even find that jumping into co-op with a pal is worth it, even if it’s more shooty than scary.
Rasmus HansenFeb 05, 2013
Sadly this wasn't a side of the game we were able to test in time for this review - but for the solo player Dead Space 3 is a disappointment given its constant need to fall over itself to produce excitement and drama, rather than letting the gameplay speak for itself. And that has been constructed in such a way as to commit the ultimate sin of a sci-fi action horror: it's just boring.
Gordon BryantFeb 16, 2013
There are some great ideas on show, such as item crafting, weapon creation, and the ethereal co-op story segments, but there are just too many false steps and wrong turns that make this by far the worst entry in the series. Its schizophrenic inability to choose which genre it really wants to be means it fails at both. I can't recommend Dead Space 3 to anyone, really; our medium deserves better than this.
Javi AndrésFeb 05, 2013
Muy completo, variado e intenso, Dead Space 3 es un cierre de trilogía notable, a la altura, pero que resbala en determinadas decisiones de diseño e incorporaciones. Habrá quien lo odie y lo vea el peor de la marca, pues ha sacrificado aciertos clave como la profundidad argumental, la administración de recursos escasos o la mirada firme a la fórmula survival horror para dejarse llevar más por la espectacularidad cinematográfica e intensidad jugable.
Álvaro CastellanoFeb 05, 2013
Isaac Clarke y su odisea contra los Necromorfos sigue brindándonos emociones fuertes con un nuevo capítulo. Electronic Arts y Visceral Games cambian la fórmula de la conocida saga, aunque no de una forma tan severa como algunos temían. Sigue habiendo sustos e intensidad, pero también más secuencias épicas, momentos frenéticos y muchos más combates. No es el mejor episodio de la serie por algunas adiciones intrascedentes y otras más bien flojas, pero sí es un producto que mantiene sobradamente el estándar de calidad Dead Space.
Josep SempereFeb 05, 2013
Así que sólido es, quizás, el calificativo más apropiado que se puede dar a Dead Space 3. Es cierto que se echa en falta un poco más de valentía a la hora de incorporar novedades en la fórmula o que se aprecia una evidente falta de frescura en determinadas situaciones, pero no puedes echarle en cara a Visceral Games que no sea honesta en su planteamiento.
Michael KrostaFeb 06, 2013
Hier wirken endlich auch die wenigen, aber imposanten Bossgegner bedrohlicher und das Experimentieren mit dem Waffenbaukasten sowie das Ressourcen-Management wird umso wichtiger. Die mitunter abstruse Story, die oberflächlichen Charaktere und platten, dürftig synchronisierten Dialoge bleiben aber auf dem enttäuschenden Niveau. Die Koop-Kampagne ist zwar eine gelungene Ergänzung, Visceral vergibt aber die Chance, mit Halluzinationen & Co für das einzigartige Erlebnis zu sorgen, das man versprochen hat.
LoganFeb 05, 2013
Bien que Dead Space 3 soit un excellent produit, il n'en reste pas moins imparfait. De fait, entre une progression inégale, un système de craft complet mais nullement adapté à un jeu comme Dead Space, des mécaniques tournant un peu en rond, des gunfights vs humains mous du genou mettant en avant les errances du gameplay ou des temps de chargement un peu trop présents, on a un peu de mal à être aussi impliqué que dans les deux précédents volets.
Laurely BirbaFeb 05, 2013
L’autre grosse innovation introduite dans Dead Space 3, c’est le mode coopération que nous n'avons pas pu essayer en raison de soucis techniques, malheureusement. Une fois que nous aurons la version commerciale du jeu entre les mains, nous ne manquerons pas de mettre à jour notre test.
Bruno GalvãoFeb 12, 2013
Dead Space 3 é um jogo no qual a ambição cinematográfica o eleva a padrões qualitativos interessantes mas que o afasta por vezes radicalmente da atmosfera e ambiente que consagraram o original. Talvez em comparação Dead Space 2 fosse um meio termo mais agradável, entre os ambientes claustrofóbicos e o tom cinematográfico. Dead Space 3 é um jogo que vai entreter, mas não vai ficar na memória.
Fabio BortolottiFeb 05, 2013
Con Dead Space 3, Visceral Games è riuscita a creare un seguito degno del nome che porta, che abbina momenti di pura sopravvivenza a fasi più improntate all'azione, che comunque non rovinano lo spirito del gioco. Sul fronte del single player, purtroppo, la novità del sistema delle armi non basta a svecchiare del tutto una formula che mostra le prime rughe, ma il risultato è comunque di altissima qualità, ed è imperdibile per chiunque abbia seguito dall'inizio la disavventura di Isaac Clarke.