Castlevania: Lords of Shadow for PlayStation 3

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Oct 5, 2010
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Developer: MercurySteam
Content Rating: Mature


Gabriel Belmont is a member of the Brotherhood of Light, an elite group of holy knights who protect and defend the innocent against the supernatural. His beloved wife was brutally murdered by the evil forces of darkness and her soul trapped for eternity. Neither living nor dead she realizes the horrific truth of what is at stake and guides Gabriel to his destiny – and hopefully salvation for the world.

Critic Reviews

19 Reviews
Tom OrrySep 28, 2010
Calling CLOS a surprise hit might be a little unfair, as the game looked impressive throughout development, but it's fair to say that I simply didn't expect to enjoy it this much. With a combat system that cleverly overcomes button mashing, wonderful design work and a story that spans far longer than your average video game, Lords of Shadow is exactly what the Castlevania franchise needed to find popularity with a new generation of gamers - and us oldies too.
Matthew KeastJun 24, 2012
Lords of Shadow does feel fresh for a Castlevania game, but much of it will be familiar to anyone who’s played God of War, Bayonetta, Tomb Raider, and/or Uncharted. Oh, and Shadow of the Colossus. If ever a game could fit the term pastiche, LoS jumps in and wears it like a glove. It does bring some new ideas to the table, and it does everything – from the graphical details, to the music, to the ludicrously epic boss fights – with passion and finesse.
Game TrailersSep 28, 2010
The way that Lords of Shadow ends leaves little doubt that we've yet to see the last of this daring new vision for Castlevania. Were it not for the questionable pacing, this initial outing would have been a brilliant debut, as the fundamentals are certainly there. If you're determined to experience it for yourself, rest assured that there are some great moments in this new Castlevania--just be prepared to endure some tedium in getting to them.

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