Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 for PlayStation 3

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Feb 25, 2014
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Developer: MercurySteam
Content Rating: Mature


Awoken after centuries of slumber, weakened and yearning for release from his immortal bonds, Dracula must reclaim his powers and make a pact with Death, to defeat Satan and gain eternal rest. Blood is everything as Dracula faces both his nemesis and his descendant’s unyielding quest for revenge, in this final, dramatic battle between good & evil. An epic fantasy adventure set in an expansive, modern-day world. Play as Dracula and discover the ultimate fate behind the ‘Lord of Shadow’ himself!

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Mar 3, 2021

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Iain GarnerMar 04, 2014
Everything I have said so far should have made it clear that Lords of Shadow II is, at best a mediocre game. Yet I enjoyed it. I couldn’t help doing so, and the question is, why? The answer is simple: the cutscenes and the story. It’s the only thing that saves the game from being a complete write-off. If you are like me and you love dramatic, gothic horror stories then this game might be worth picking up (in the future, at a hefty discount). But, for the majority of gamers, Lords of Shadow II is not good enough to warrant the time, effort or money.
Colin MoriartyFeb 25, 2014
Lords of Shadow 2 may have gained an open world, but a poor story, uninteresting enemies, and a bland cast of characters came with it. Combat might be improved, but forced stealth sections cause nothing but dismay and frustration. The end result is something that doesn’t come near the level of overall quality found in the original Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.
Matthew CastleFeb 25, 2014
A hefty slurp of bloodied bombast, tainted by misguided attempt to please everyone

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