Call of Duty: Black Ops for PlayStation 3

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Nov 9, 2010
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Developer: Treyarch
Content Rating: Mature


Follow-up to 2009’s blockbuster Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops breaks new ground in the Call of Duty series and the video game industry at large by delving into the not-so cold conflicts of the Cold War.

Inspired by the experiences of real Black Ops soldiers of the era, the missions of Call of Duty: Black Ops take the player to a wide variety of settings, ranging from snowbound mountain strongholds in historical Soviet held territories, to the jungles and urban settings of Vietnam War era SE Asia. Throughout all, care has been taken to maintain the traditional essence of Call of Duty style combat, while also introducing new types of player action that add to the gameplay experience. Additional features include co-op, versus and team-based multiplayer options, new vehicles like the SR-71 Blackbird and lethal new weapons such as explosive-tipped crossbows.

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Aug 5, 2021

Love campaign mode

Jun 5, 2021

Weon no podi matar a Reznov, hijos de perra.

Jul 18, 2020
One of the best cod ever

Critic Reviews

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Martin GastonNov 09, 2010
Treyarch isn't trying to reinvent the formula which made Modern Warfare 2 the most successful video game of all time, but it has laid down solid multiplayer foundations while adding a series of necessary and intelligent tweaks - which should be music to the ears of the game's many fans. A spectacular but silly single-player campaign rounds off the package, and while it comes without Modern Warfare 2's ambitious (but unsuccessful) attempt at carving out a political message, Black Ops offers its own thoroughly enjoyable romp through some entertaining set-pieces.
Chris WattersNov 09, 2010
While it may not take the signature Call of Duty action to dizzying new heights, Black Ops is a thoroughly excellent game. New modes and mechanics give a jolt of energy to the lively competitive multiplayer, and the engrossing new campaign develops into one of the best in the series. Combat training allows anyone to enjoy the thrills of arena combat and the satisfaction of leveling up, and the opportunities for cooperative play, local competition, and community video creation provide even more outlets for entertainment.
Nathan IrvineJun 24, 2012
Black Ops plays out over 15 missions that take you from an assault on a stronghold in Cuba through Vietnamese towns and jungles and even a quick soiree in the Pentagon. Each level feels significantly different to the last which ensures a fresh area to conduct mass murder as you progress.

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