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David HoughtonJun 24, 2012
Bulletstorm you see, is a very intelligent, highly intricate, and sumptuously nuanced design masquerading as a big dumb action game. In fact it’s such an evolution of the FPS experience that it’s very probably destined for that pantheon of rare games to be deemed worthy of the word “important” in a couple of years time.
Jeff GerstmannFeb 23, 2011
After being really down on Bulletstorm for the first couple of hours, I was pleasantly shocked to see how well it started coming together once I started getting better at using the different weapons and once the story started moving at a faster pace. While it's easy to see spots where the game could have been more fully featured or offered more unique areas instead of repurposing campaign spots, it's a solid new entry that truly offers an alternative to the standard sci-fi or military-themed first-person shooter.
Jamin SmithFeb 22, 2011
At a time when games are brimming with gritty realism, a single-minded approach to multiplayer and oh-so-serious plots characterised by a chorus of military buzz-words, Bulletstorm is a refreshing departure from the norm. Behind the f-bombs and dick-tits are some incredibly mature and well thought out mechanics.
Tim TuriFeb 22, 2011
Small gripes aside, there’s no denying Bulletstorm’s blissful action. Epic Games/People Can Fly’s sadistic opus arrives at a time when most shooters do little more than let you blast dudes in the head while things explode. Bulletstorm has those things, but also lets you shoot a man in the testicles and kick slide his head off.
Rob SmithFeb 22, 2011
Kevin VanOrdFeb 22, 2011
Bulletstorm is a fun, breezy, and puerile romp. If you play games for the fun of it all, this shooter delivers, giving you some neat weapons and mechanics, and rewarding you for your topflight technique. Unspectacular online play, an abundance of shooter cliches, and forced vulgarity keep it from joining the shooter elite. But the creativity of the skillshot system paired with the engrossing nature of moving up the Echoes leaderboards gives Bulletstorm some muscle and will inspire a dedicated following of talented players eager to show off their incredible mastery of its gratifying mechanics.
Christian DonlanFeb 22, 2011
This is a game that wants you to laugh so hard that you sneeze on yourself, but it's also a game that wants you to experiment as much as possible with the tools you've been given. Its cleverness is as lightly worn as it is unexpected. It's the best kind of guilty pleasure.
VGChartz StaffFeb 24, 2011
Bulletstorm isn’t an emotional shooter, it’s not trying for any best story awards. Bulletstorm is a game in every sense of the word. We consider ourselves gamers but we play RPGs and games like Heavy Rain that are more about the experience than anything else. Bulletstorm is an unabashed game in the same sense as Bejeweled or Rock Band. Honing your skills and rising up the leaderboards means more than what happens to the characters at the end of the day.
Steven WilliamsonMar 01, 2011
Aside from a few graphical glitches, most notably some texture pop-up and screen stuttering, there’s little to dislike about Bulletstorm. Anarchy co-op mode is great, and there's further replay value to be had out of Echo mode, where you only have a certain amount of time to rack up points. But, a sequel would benefit from a more fleshed-out multiplayer experience, which amazingly lacks any deathmatch modes. Nonetheless, the campaign should be enough to satisfy any fan of first person shooters.
Reid McCarterFeb 25, 2011
Bulletstorm feels like a breath of fresh air in a genre that often forgets that too much of a focus on intense simulation can turn games stagnant.
Gameplanet StaffMar 03, 2011
Instead, it's grating at first, and positively annoying after a couple of hours. People pay a lot of money to hear Billy Connelly swear at them for two hours, but then, he's a comic genius and the lead writers on Bulletstorm are demonstratively not. If you've ever purposely set fire to a couch in a public area, or if you have a stolen street sign on your bedroom wall, you'll love it.
Josep Maria SempereFeb 25, 2011
Es grosero, exagerado, estúpido e incluso algo casposo. Y nos encanta. En un género en el que todo el mundo quiere parecerse a Call of Duty, el estudio polaco opta por algo diametralmente opuesto y se desmarca con el shooter más innovador de los últimos años, con un título que bajo una capa superficial de auténtica idiotez esconde un sistema de juego sólido, divertido, adictivo y que invita como pocos a la experimentación.
Álvaro CastellanoFeb 24, 2011
Bulletstorm es, ante todo, un muy buen comienzo para una franquicia que comienza desde cero. Muy buenas ideas a nivel jugable que, con algo más de apoyo de manos de una campaña más larga y trabajada y de un multijugador a la altura, podrían hablarnos de uno de los mejores shooters de la primera mitad del año. Es por ello que para unos el juego de People Can Fly será una oportunidad perdida, mientras que para otros será un muy buen comienzo... Nosotros nos contamos entre los segundos.
Gaël FouquetMar 08, 2011
Pas avare de promesses, Bulletstorm avait certainement le potentiel pour bousculer les habitudes d'un genre un peu trop ronronnant et devenir la nouvelle référence du gros bourrin qui sommeille en chacun d'entre nous, à la manière de Serious Sam ou Painkiller en leur temps. Hélas, malgré son humour outrancier et son gameplay bien troussé, et donc exagérément violent, le nouveau titre de People Can Fly s'enferme dans une campagne bavarde et bien banale, ne révélant sa folie latente qu'en de très rares occasions.
Fabien PellegriniFeb 22, 2011
Incontestablement défoulant et plaisant, Bulletstorm manque d'un zeste de finition et d'envergure pour atteindre les sommets. Une campagne un poil plus longue et un mode multi plus ambitieux lui auraient en effet permis d'atteindre le statut initialement visé par ses géniteurs : celui de hit absolu. Ce sera peut-être le cas d'un hypothétique deuxième épisode car d'excellentes bases sont là.
DinowanFeb 22, 2011
Attention à ne pas voir un messie du FPS dans Bulletstorm qui se "contente" de remettre au goût du jour et avec humour le FPS bourrin au possible. Abordable comme un vaste défouloir ou comme un titre dans lequel vous pourrez vous creuser la tête pour dénicher la meilleure façon de dévisser celle des autres, Bulletstorm aurait sans doute mérité un mode multi plus étoffé mais saura vous faire jubiler bêtement pendant des heures.
Jorge LoureiroMar 08, 2011
Bulletstorm prometia diversão e cumpriu de forma exemplar. Mas não só, consegue sucesso distingir-se dos muitos jogos do mesmo género ao introduzir as skillshots, o que lhe garante um certo carisma e uma personalidade muito própria. Outro dos seus pontos fortes é ser um jogo sem compromissos, a jogablidade é fácil de assimilar e a diversão quase imediata.
Davide PersianiFeb 22, 2011
L'esperienza proposta è infatti un perfetto mix tra spettacolarità, violenza estrema e profondità di gameplay, e se a questo aggiungiamo una serie di carismatici personaggi - Grayson in primis - ed un comparto tecnico di primissimo piano con scenari così maestosi da lasciare senza fiato chiunque, la qualità dell'esperienza proposta non può che raggiungere picchi di assoluta eccellenza.
Tom BoshouwersFeb 27, 2011
Op de kleine oneffenheden na is Bulletstorm hartstikke leuk om te spelen. Het skillshot systeem is perfect uitgewerkt en het voelt goed om een spectaculaire combinatie te maken. Het blijft de hele game leuk om zo vijanden te vermoorden omdat het steeds weer op een andere manier gebeurt. Ook na de singleplayer raast Bulletstorm nog door met de Echo missies. Het is Epic Games en People Can Fly dan ook gelukt om een geweldige, en extreem gewelddadige, game af te leveren.
Jonas ElfvingFeb 22, 2011
När Bulletstorms eftertexter rullat känner jag mig lättad, av olika anledningar. Först och främst känner jag mig inte ett dugg lockad att begå vålds- eller sexualbrott. Det andra handlar om vad Cliffy B sa till oss, att actiongenren faktiskt behöver den här typen av spel. Även om jag har hundratals Black Ops-timmar i bagaget är det en lättnad att spel som detta utvecklas. Allt behöver inte vara gravallvarligt och brungrått för att vara underhållande. Det räcker så bra med en välriktad spark och några muterade kaktusar.