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Jeff GerstmannOct 19, 2009
The structure of Borderlands makes it feel like an MMO game that doesn't require you to rely on groups of other players to enjoy. Though it's probably better when you're playing online with friends, playing alone is still perfectly fine. It's also one of those games that's so strong in parts that its shortcomings become almost glaring by comparison. As such, the game's barebones story, lackluster AI, and insufficient player trading options are real disappointments that prevent the game from reaching its full potential.
Game TrailersOct 19, 2009
On the downside, the world can feel a bit stiff in some ways. NPCs and set piece items don’t react when you shoot them, and there are no ripples when you drive through water. Textures take a bit to load in when you enter a new area and some close-up shots reveal pixelated shadows. Borderlands is a bit of a grind-fest, but that’s part of the fun, as you take on tougher enemies and hunt for bigger and badder gear. The co-op play is integrated seamlessly, and there’s a huge world to explore with friends or on your own.
Chris WattersOct 20, 2009
Combat is satisfying, and upgrading your skills and equipment is engaging. The constant stream of loot and experience is rewarding, and sharing it with some friends makes the experience that much richer and more exciting. Alas, PS3 owners will have to wait for a fix in order to fight alongside their friends. Despite this upsetting issue, Pandora is still a great planet to visit if you want to shoot some stuff and reap the rewards.
Charles OnyettOct 15, 2009
Gearbox's Borderlands is without a doubt a slick, satisfying hybrid title for those who know what to expect. If you're a shooter fan curious what the world of Pandora is all about, then you should know that this is a product built on a foundation of statistical progression, character customization, and one that holds item acquisition high above interesting quest structure and narrative.
Tyler WildeJun 24, 2012
Borderlands lacks the charm of Fallout 3, Mass Effect, or Half-Life 2, but it does offer a crap-ton of ‘roided-out bandits, effed-up dog things, giant spider demons, and screeching pterodactyl beasts to shoot with a crap-ton of guns. And that’s really what it’s about – finding weapons and shooting things with them. You have to assign a skill point now and then, and there’s kind of a story, but those things don’t matter much.
Wesley Yin-PooleJun 23, 2012
Gearbox should be praised. Borderlands is unique, it's different, and it's hard to classify. But it's not for everyone. It's not for the stereotypical CoD/Halo crowd. It's not revolutionary, but it is interesting. And, crucially, it's a hell of a lot of fun, but only, long term at least, in co-op. When you're standing over the corpses of Skags, Midget Mutant Psychos and Badass Bruisers, having pounded on a heavily guarded compound with three mates, you can feel the adrenaline pumping. This, despite what they say about the guns, is what Borderlands is all about.
Dan RyckertOct 19, 2009
This is one of the rare occasions where all of the new experiences a game brings to the table work out splendidly, especially when viewed as an entire package. Co-op is a blast, the variety of weaponry lends an addictive quality to the game that's rarely seen, and it maintains a distinct sense of humor and personality. It's a long-lasting experience that manages to stay fresh throughout, and the ability to easily jump into a friend's game at any time only lengthens the appeal of an already stellar title.
Craig SnowNov 10, 2009
It has much more than style to offer, there’s substance here as well, thanks to a clever blending of class-based RPG and FPS elements. Whilst the RPG elements aren’t as prominent or superbly refined as the FPS ones, they no doubt compliment the game brilliantly. A lot of parallels have been drawn with Fallout 3, and in some respects Borderlands is indeed this year’s Fallout 3 - a little shallower with respect to its RPG stripes and with a less engaging narrative, but with a lot more style and colour, and gunplay which is up there with some of the best FPS games on the market.
Adam DolgeOct 29, 2009
Overall, Borderlands is packed to the rafters with adventure and when played with friends, provides one of the most enjoyable multiplayer offerings available this year. Still, the game has some noticeable flaws and likely won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you’re into grinding, looking for interesting loot, and searching for that perfect co-op game to play with a small group of friends, you should definitely pick this up.
HiroOct 23, 2009
Tout au long de son développement, Borderlands nous aura tour à tour inquiétés et intrigués. Mais Gearbox est finalement parvenu à remplir son contrat en mélangeant avec bonheur FPS et jeu de rôle. Le résultat de cette union délicate n'est pas sans défaut, mais la formule est tellement rafraîchissante qu'il serait presque criminel de passer à côté. Déjà très dynamique, riche et bien réalisé, Borderlands crève littéralement l'écran lorsqu'on le pratique avec une bande de potes.
Tristan BrinkmanOct 30, 2009
De eigenzinnige graphics, het goede geluid en de super vette gameplay maken Borderlands een echte topper. Helaas is het verhaal niet heel interessant, maar de zojuist genoemde punten maken dat ruimschoots goed en daarom verdient Borderlands de eerder genoemde dikke voldoende. Zorg er echter wel voor dat je de game met wat vrienden kunt spelen, want dat verdubbelt het plezier. Laat de downloadbare content dus maar komen, want wij hebben nog lang niet genoeg van dit avontuur!