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Nick TanSep 17, 2012
Though Borderlands 2 doesn't shoot for the stars, it does more than enough to retain our most awesome recommendation. As long as you have several friends who can join your party, there's no way you will be disappointed. (And if you need some assistance, you can check out my handy tips guide.) With a guns and a wealth of enhancements that can't be denied, Borderlands 2 has incredible appeal and all the elements to set the world on fire once more. Including one giant flaming rocket launcher.
Sammy BarkerSep 26, 2012
Borderlands 2 doesn’t quite recapture the same sense of wide-eyed wonder that made its predecessor such a commercial smash-hit, but it’s still a dangerously addictive game. The humour may not be to everyone’s tastes, but the lure of the shooter’s loot is as strong as ever. It’s a safe sequel, but a solid one – and, honestly, who can resist the appeal of a title where you get to target midgets with rifles that fire mini-nukes as opposed to bullets?
Alex DonaldsonSep 25, 2012
Borderlands 2 is worth playing if you've played the original title or not. In almost every sense it's a superior title to the original - even if I find myself wishing it had done more. Ultimately, it has left me hungry for more - which is probably a testament to how potent a formula this is.
Chris WattersSep 20, 2012
Additions, refinements, and fixes all combine to create an appreciably improved experience, one that fully delivers on the promise of the first game. While Borderlands felt empty at times, this sequel is bursting with content and brimming with life, making it an absolutely delightful way to spend hours and hours and hours of your free time.
Adam DolgeSep 17, 2012
Borderlands 2 is by far a giant leap ahead compared to its predecessor, but it's also one of the greatest games to finish off this generation of consoles. You'll get lost under enormous piles of loot, a good-enough story that's surpassed by side missions, and an absolutely hilarious cast of characters. This all comes together in a giant package of joy. Spend the next few weeks or months playing this game with friends and you'll likely wonder how you were able to live without it in your life.
Dan RyckertSep 17, 2012
With its unmatched co-op gameplay, intense shootouts, addictive loot collecting, expansive skill customization, hilarious dialogue, and insane level of replayability, Borderlands 2 is one of the most rewarding gaming experiences of this console generation.
Richard WalkerSep 25, 2012
Borderlands 2 is a fantastic sequel full to the brim with colour, verve and personality, excelling as an enjoyable shooter with involving RPG elements despite more fetch quests than several dogs will experience in a lifetime. It's all wonderfully well-executed and fun to play, making Borderlands 2 more than worth your loot. Catch a riiiiiide!
Anthony GallegosSep 13, 2012
Borderlands 2 preserves the best parts of the franchise while also making numerous, much needed improvements to areas like narrative and class skill design. Additional visual customization options would make it better, and the occasional technical issue takes away from the experience, but overall this is an excellent shooter no one even remotely curious should overlook.
Josh WirtanenSep 19, 2012
The bottom line: Borderlands 2 offers a much larger, much more refined version of the original. Even if complaints about the first game bothered you enough that you couldn't properly enjoy it, the second one improves on just about every aspect of the formula. And for hardcore Borderlands fans, there is a near endless amount of fan service here to keep you laughing maniacally while spearheading your own darkly hilarious co-op massacre.
William SchwartzSep 17, 2012
The gameplay improvements made to Borderlands 2 make it a more fun cooperative experience than before. The enhanced storyline is more rewarding for the single player audience as well. The combination of the two make for an exponentially better game than Gearbox's first effort.
Gordon BryantOct 11, 2012
Borderlands 2 is, in my opinion, pretty much exactly what you should expect from a sequel. The core gameplay has barely changed – it's still a co-op, loot based first person role playing game – but there are plenty of improvements and minor changes that keep it fresh, not to mention a far more involving plot featuring one of the most memorable villains in recent memory. More astute players will pick up on a lot of references and if you're a PC gamer and are at all familiar with Minecraft, keep an eye out for a segment of a level featuring Minecraft blocks and creepers as enemies.
Peter ChapmanSep 18, 2012
Borderlands 2 is a joyful experience, full of humour and character. It manages to walk the fine line between silly base humour and a more intelligent wit too, which is something almost unique in videogames. With a narrative that expands on the original storyline in every conceivable way and so many ways to play, different characters to build and so much cooperative fun to be had, it’s hard to see a downside.
Wayne SantosOct 05, 2012
The important thing is, they are not enough to stop Borderlands 2 from being the best shoot n’ loot experience of 2012. As a solo game, it’s a funny, deranged, challenging experience. As a co-op game, this is an easy game of the year contender with its accomplished mechanics and surprisingly complex RPG and loot systems. This is a gamer’s game, for an audience that wants a world to lose themselves in that is far removed from our own with a comprehensive, meaty set of rules and systems to play with.
Álvaro CastellanoSep 18, 2012
Borderlands 2 cumple sobradamente con su papel de mejorar a la muy interesante primera parte, y logra un lanzamiento todavía más redondo. Una experiencia notable en solitario pero verdaderamente sobresaliente en un cooperativo on-line que se cuenta entre los más divertidos de los últimos tiempos. Sencillo, sin complicaciones y cargado de adrenalina: si te gustan los shooters con trabajo en equipo, el de GearBox es tu juego.
Benjamin SchmädigSep 18, 2012
Borderlands 2 ganz hervorragend! Pandora ist bunter, lebendiger und es gibt mehr zu entdecken als im Vorgänger. Die Gegner agieren diesmal geschickter, greifen in bunten Gruppen an, so dass bis zu vier Helden clever zusammenarbeiten müssen: Aufeinander abgestimmte Elementarschäden und Stellungsspiel sind ungemein wichtig. Leider kommt das Abenteuer spielerisch und erzählerisch dabei nur langsam in Fahrt und bleibt gelegentlich in einer gleichförmigen Missionstretmühle hängen.
La rédactionSep 24, 2012
Assez frileux en termes d'innovations, Borderlands 2 n'aura cependant aucun mal à convaincre le public averti auquel il se destine. Bien réalisé, fluide, dynamique et absolument jubilatoire à plusieurs, ce titre irrévérencieux constitue actuellement un défouloir de premier choix dans la catégorie assez formatée des FPS contemporains. Vu son potentiel de rejouabilité et les nombreux DLC qui ne manqueront pas de débarquer dans les prochains mois, on n'est pas prêt de le lâcher.
Fabien PellegriniSep 18, 2012
Plus varié, plus drôle, plus agréable et toujours aussi défoulant, Borderlands 2 s'impose comme un incontournable de cette rentrée 2012. Si le jeu n'en gardait pas sous le coude en vue des nombreux contenus téléchargeables déjà prévus, ce serait encore mieux... Mais ne boudons pas notre plaisir, le fun est bel et bien au rendez-vous !
Ricardo MadeiraOct 18, 2012
O aspeto gráfico e o humor requintado, muitas vezes satírico, são já apanágio desta série que se torna um verdadeiro caso de sucesso. Pandora é um mundo que vale a pena ser explorado até ao último pedaço. Jogado sozinho ou com até quatro amigos, Borderlands 2 oferece longas horas de diversão, com uma narrativa intensa e um sistema de evolução e exploração altamente gratificante. Pela altura em que o acabarem só vão pensar em começar de novo.