BlazBlue: Continuum Shift for PlayStation 3

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

Jun 27, 2010
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Critic Reviews

13 Reviews
Michael GrimmJul 27, 2010
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift (CS) is nothing if not honest, even in the basic tutorial the game’s 12 year old Gothic Lolita berates you for your lack of skill and “The vast rotting expanse you call your head”. Essentially, it’s a perfect microcosm of BlazBlue: If you’re not willing to suffer a little in order to have fun, you might want to look elsewhere. CS is unapologetically Japanese both in its style and approach, offering up a carnival’s worth of fascinatingly bizarre characters while demanding some skill from the player to get the most out of them.
Carolyn PetitJul 28, 2010
With only three new characters, this is a tougher sell than Super Street Fighter IV, and given its unabashedly technical mechanics, some players will still find it too arcane for their tastes. But if you are looking for a fighter that's distinctly different from the Street Fighters and Mortal Kombats of the world, Continuum Shift makes it easier to get into BlazBlue than it was before. And if you're already a BlazBlue fan, the new characters and balance tweaks make this the better version of the game
Thomas WilliamsAug 04, 2010
For those looking to enter the fray to see what the fuss is all about, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift offers the best ticket to the show. With the addition of the tutorial and beginners mode, you’ll be executing combos like a pro in no time. Fighting game fans from beginners to veterans should give BlazBlue and its great combat system a try and at $40 new, you’re getting a load of content that very few other games in the genre can rival. Now excuse me while I go and dream of the inevitable BlazBlue vs Guilty Gear crossover.
Neon KellyDec 15, 2010
If you're one of the many people who's been exploring the fighting genre for the first time with SFIV/SSFIV, I thoroughly recommend that you give BlazBlue: Continuum Shift a whirl. It'll teach you things, broaden your horizons, and give you a damn good time; think of it as the Mrs Robinson to your brawling Benjamin Braddock. As Taokaka might say, meow can you resist?
Amanda L. KondolojyJul 27, 2010
f you are a BlazBlue fan, there is more than enough new content here to keep you happy. However, the real treat here is if you have never picked up a BlazBlue game, the new tutorial and Beginner modes make this one of the most accessible fighting games I’ve played in recent years. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift is a great fighting game, and though it does have a lot in common with its predecessor, there are enough new elements to merit a re-purchase. If you haven’t played BlazBlue, Continuum Shift is an absolute steal at $40.
Ryan ClementsJul 22, 2010
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift might reuse a good deal of content from Calamity Trigger, but it's still a blast to play and there are a lot of welcome additions. New characters, stages, modes, and story are just some of the reasons why BlazBlue fans should consider dropping the money on this "sequel." I especially encourage gamers that have never tried BlazBlue to pick this up -- it's an excellent fighting game that shouldn't be missed.
Ben PerleeJul 30, 2010
As a much more balanced game than the already fantastic original, offering plenty of new side content and insane plot options, I would say this is a risk I would recommend anyone to take. A fantastic and fun fighter this is, anyone looking for a distinctly Japanese and over-the-top fighting game will want to check this out.
Sergio MartínOct 18, 2010
Aunque ya no nos pilla tan de sorpresa como BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, este juego de lucha tradicional en 2D es un título imprescindible para los fans del género. El carisma y variedad de sus protagonistas, endiablada jugabilidad, frenético ritmo e impecable factura le elevan a unas cotas de calidad similares a series clásicas como Guilty Gear o Samurai Shodown.
Jaime San SimónDec 29, 2010
Blazblue: Continuum Shift continúa el buen hacer de Calammity Trigger y se dedica a pulir todo aquello que no quedó del todo perfeccionado. Los que hayan pasado centenares de horas con el primero sabrán apreciar las mejoras que, vistas en perspectiva, dan lugar a un juego de lucha que tiene un gran futuro por delante. El problema lo encontrarán precisamente quienes no sean tan asiduos al juego, para quienes esta reedición probablemente no valga la pena.
Matthieu HurelDec 03, 2010
Blazblue : Continuum Shift est indéniablement plus complet que son prédécesseur à tous les niveaux. Les nouveaux coups, modes et personnages méritent largement l'attention des fans du premier épisode, qui devront d'ailleurs recommencer une partie de leur apprentissage sur leurs persos favoris, tandis que les néophytes profiteront de l'apparition des véritables options (tutorial, défis) pour s'initier pleinement au jeu et à ses mécaniques en partie remaniées. A moins de ne pas accrocher à la patte graphique et sonore d'Arc System Works, il serait dommage de se priver d'un tel titre si l'on apprécie le versus fighting 2D.
Laurely BirbaDec 07, 2010
Alors que l’on s’attendait à une simple mise à jour opportuniste, Blazblue : Continuum Shift offre un vrai rééquilibrage qui oblige aux fans de la première heure à réviser leurs leçons pour rester dans le tempo. Avec un système de garde inédit, l’introduction des Explosions de Barrière, des Astral Heat plus tolérants et des priorités qui ont changé d’un épisode à l’autre, mieux vaut la jouer modeste en effet.
MiniblobDec 03, 2010
Alors qu'on criait déjà au génie en accueillant le premier épisode de la série, ce BlazBlue Continuum Shift parvient littéralement à nous arracher des larmes de joie en faisant encore mieux que son prédécesseur. Plus complète, plus riche et plus équilibrée, cette suite fait la main basse sur tous les superlatifs. Le seul petit reproche qu'on pourrait lui faire tient au prix auquel seront proposés en téléchargement les personnages supplémentaires.
Filippo FacchettiDec 28, 2010
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, quindi, può tranquillamente essere considerato un picchiaduro perfetto, limitato unicamente da una rosa di personaggi ancora troppo piccola per competere con gli altri titoli del genere attualmente in circolazione. Considerando la qualità artistica di ogni lottatore e la profonda differenziazione tra i vari combattenti, però, si tratta di un difetto tranquillamente sopportabile.


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