Bioshock for PlayStation 3


Oct 21, 2008
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Developer: Irrational Games
Content Rating: Mature


Caught between powerful forces and hunted down by genetically mutated citizens, the player will come to grips with the mysterious and fascinating world of Rapture, a distinct Art Deco underwater utopia gone mad. BioShock not only challenges the players' capacity to adapt and survive, but brings to question their values and commitment to the inhabitants of Rapture. With smart and adaptive AI, no encounter ever plays out the same, while numerous customization options provide gamers with an experience that adapts to their playing style.

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Feb 29, 2020
The Bioshock series is one of the best that I have ever played and the first entry is without a doubt the best.

The awesome gameplay and combat system that this game has to offer feels very unique and special that you can only find in a Bioshock game with its plasmids and gun upgrades which makes this one of the best first person shooters that I have ever played.

Its definitely a Game of the Year type of game that I wouldn't mind playing over and over again.

The story that this sci fi horror game has to offer is another great part of the game where you have the chance to make the selfless och selfish thing when it comes to upgradeing your powers and personaly I just can't bring myself to hurt those little sisters.

Definitely one of the best games that I have ever played.
arturo lopez

arturo lopez

Mar 18, 2021
Lasingan Sasaki

Lasingan Sasaki

Mar 12, 2021


Mar 3, 2021
Redwing 99

Redwing 99

Mar 1, 2021
Ronan Gilfillan

Ronan Gilfillan

Dec 23, 2020

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Jeff HaynesOct 15, 2008
Go out and get your hands on BioShock -- you will thoroughly enjoy exploring the incredible story and the excellent action that the game is known for. However, if you've played the game before, or are expecting this to be the definitive version, that's can't be found here. Sure, the full trophy support and Survivor mode are great, and the Challenge Rooms could add a ton to the replayability (whenever it's implemented).
Charlie BarrattJun 24, 2012
The concept, characters and pacing are all leagues above the current competition; the genuinely shocking twists are worthy of a feature film. Unlike a movie, however, the experience here is always a personal one - a quest of discovery, a search for identity. Most remarkably, while the answers you desire do exist, the game does not give them away easily.
Tom Mc SheaOct 28, 2008
The story in BioShock is dark and satisfying, something that will make you contemplate it long after you've put the game down. And though combat takes a back seat to the enthralling atmosphere, it's still extremely satisfying to combine your plasmid powers with traditional weapons. The lack of any meaningful new content is disappointing, but this is still one of the finest first-person shooters around and a game that simply should not be missed.

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