Army of Two for PlayStation 3

Army of Two

Mar 6, 2008
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Developer: EA Montreal
Content Rating: Mature


When One Man Is Not Enough?

It will take an Army of Two to stop the corruption of rogue private military corporations. Fight along side your team-mate to become the deadliest two-man military outfit a government can buy. The breakthrough gameplay in Army of Two, with a live or adaptive AI partner, enables you to take advantage of two-man strategies like customizable weapons, vehicles, and tactical shooting. If you?re going to survive, you?ll have to bring down a vast conspiracy in which the line between ?good guys? and ?bad guys? has been obliterated.

Critic Reviews

7 Reviews
Joe DodsonMar 10, 2008
Army of Two is a better than average shooter that roughly treads on a political landmine when it should have stormed some future battlefield. It features cool co-op mechanics and is fun to play online, with or against friends. But even its title mocks the Army, literally one-upping its slogan while glamorizing a sector that, if anything, deserves scrutiny--not macho fantasy.
RacewingMar 06, 2008
What we’ve got here is a game that’s deep in some places, shallow in others, and needs to be experienced just because it plays with what you’re used to. In today’s risk-averse game industry, experiments—even flawed ones such as this—deserve to be noticed.
Game TrailersMar 06, 2008
With this game, one is indeed the loneliest number

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