Armored Core V

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Lee AbrahamsMar 27, 2012
Armored Core V is certainly a deep game, but it’s also one that is let down by an underwhelming solo experience and an overly demanding online mode.
Jeff MarchiafavaMar 20, 2012
However, the story missions are too confusing and difficult, the order missions are too short and repetitive, and there is no in-between. I think I spent more time customizing my mech than I did fighting in it, and the solid multiplayer support can't make up for the lack of variety. A dedicated team can make the experience worthwhile, but you should play AC V under those conditions or not at all.
Vivas KaulApr 02, 2012
If you’re thinking of buying Armored Core V it’s important to realize that the true value of the game comes from playing it as a multiplayer experience. Attempting to play through the game as a single, offline player is an uphill struggle during the more difficult missions, and diminishes much of the value found here.
Sean EngemannMar 21, 2012
Armored Core V is a great game if your cravings include spending hours putting together a truly remarkable piece of machinery and then tackling a constantly evolving multiplayer world with a solid clan at your side. Overcoming the initial intimidation of the vast arrays of stats and finding your footing in the battlefield are certainly challenges worth celebrating when victorious. However, if you're looking for an engaging campaign, measured and concise tactics, and stunning graphics beyond the mechs, From Software's latest entry will leave you severely disappointed.
David MeiklehamMar 20, 2012
It’s not entirely awful. Scaling buildings with your previously mentioned rocket feet gives proceedings an enjoyable verticality.
Chris WattersMar 21, 2012
Unfortunately, the bulk of Armored Core V is not as entertaining. For every challenging sortie you enjoy, you must undertake many more dull, simplistic missions. The focus on connected combat could have made Armored Core V an engaging entry in this long-running series. Instead, the franchise fails to put its best foot forward.
Keza MacdonaldMar 27, 2012
If you can't play online, Armored Core V is rather dry, but if you can, it's a detailed and substantial mech experience made loads better by the addition of other people.
Matt EdwardsMar 22, 2012
It's still the hardcore spectacle we know and love, with its Moonlight laser blades and hidden AC parts, but by bringing mecha enthusiasts together in a team-based environment that isn't restricted to one-on-one arena battles, we finally have a game on which an online community can be built. Because if there's one thing that Armored Core excels at, it's supplying the tools to create something special.
Nick PantazisApr 30, 2012
The metagame concept of Armored Core V is really brilliant, and through that great concept and a strong core of good gameplay there are some people who will really enjoy it. The problem is that this group of people is a niche group in an already niche subgenre of mech games. Various major design issues like the team size limitations, bad visual and level design, and poorly implemented co-op vastly hamper the experience for any player, and new players face an enormous barrier of entry. There are great ideas at play here, but this just isn't the mech game we've been waiting for.
Wayne SantosApr 19, 2012
Unlike the Souls games, Armored Core V isn’t really about fragmented or embedded narratives that ask the player to construct the story for themselves.
MiniblobMar 29, 2012
Il faut parfois gratter un peu plus loin que les apparences pour se rendre compte qu'un jeu a du potentiel. On est d'accord, Armored Core V n'est pas très beau et les premières minutes de jeu sont assez déroutantes, mais en s'accrochant, on découvre une vraie richesse de jeu et surtout des modes multijoueurs qui méritent amplement le détour. Les amateurs de méchas qui aiment affronter d'autres joueurs en ligne peuvent donc sauter sur l'occasion sans hésiter.
Pierre MaugeinApr 05, 2012
Un virage négocié avec soin qui varie les approches et les expériences de jeu, tout en conservant le degré extrême de customisation propre à la série. Un statut entre la révolution et le conservatisme qui donne naissance à un jeu un peu bâtard, gardant amèrement ses lourds défauts graphiques et son côté laborieux sans se départir d'une main tendue aux joueurs un peu moins hardcore et surtout à la communauté. Si elle résiste au désert des serveurs.
Filippo FacchettiMar 22, 2012
Vista la sua struttura profondamente legata al multiplayer, consigliamo quindi l'acquisto di Armored Core V unicamente a coloro che hanno la certezza di poter contare su qualche amico per formare una squadra affiatata e pronta all'azione. Comprare il gioco per fare i lupi solitari finirebbe col portare a un rapido calo di interesse, spingendovi ad abbandonarlo ingiustamente sullo scaffale a prender polvere.