Armored Core V for PlayStation 3

Armored Core V

Mar 20, 2012

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Developer: FromSoftware
Content Rating: Teen


Armored Core V is a mech combat Simulation game for Next-Gen gaming consoles. The fifth major release in the Armored Core series, the game features extreme customization of the game's robot-like mechanized combat units. This customization includes the ability to create smaller mechs, and more than 500 items to customize them with. Additional features include: 10-player support in online games, a persistent online profile that tracks online and local stats, downloadable content, powerful 'one-hit kill' weapons, and the ability to trade parts and items with other players.

Critic Reviews

12 Reviews
Chris WattersMar 21, 2012
Unfortunately, the bulk of Armored Core V is not as entertaining. For every challenging sortie you enjoy, you must undertake many more dull, simplistic missions. The focus on connected combat could have made Armored Core V an engaging entry in this long-running series. Instead, the franchise fails to put its best foot forward.
Vivas KaulApr 02, 2012
If you’re thinking of buying Armored Core V it’s important to realize that the true value of the game comes from playing it as a multiplayer experience. Attempting to play through the game as a single, offline player is an uphill struggle during the more difficult missions, and diminishes much of the value found here.
David MeiklehamMar 20, 2012
It’s not entirely awful. Scaling buildings with your previously mentioned rocket feet gives proceedings an enjoyable verticality.

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