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Daniel BischoffJan 14, 2013
In a vacuum, Anarchy Reigns isn’t the greatest game. The campaign can get relatively repetitive, but most of the time is spent in a viciously satisfying combat loop. Regardless, Platinum and SEGA score points by pricing the title competitively. We can’t ignore the value inherent in Anarchy Reigns for just $30. What’s more, if you have even a passing interest in Platinum or brawlers, don’t hesitate another second. Anarchy Reigns won’t maintain a large population of online players for long.
Richard WalkerJan 10, 2013
Anarchy Reigns is good, clean fun while the appeal lasts, and demonstrates that online fighting games needn't be restricted to just versus fare. There's clearly room for something a little more... anarchic.
Tim TuriJan 08, 2013
Anarchy Reigns’ multiplayer scratches an itch I didn’t know I had, but its camera faults and near-identical character move sets hold it back from scratching hard enough. However, online matchmaking is quick and easy, and the network fidelity held strong through every round I played. The campaign is rough at times but overall entertaining, though I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking for a high-caliber action experience.
Paul GoodmanJan 17, 2013
Anarchy Reigns may not have an incredibly in-depth story and also has some nagging flaws that detract from its otherwise entertaining gameplay, but it's enjoyable enough to warrant a playthrough. Fans of fast-paced brawlers will enjoy Anarchy Reigns, but if your skills with the genre don't go past mashing the attack buttons and hoping for the best, you may not enjoy the multiplayer very much.
Shawn PetraschukJan 16, 2013
All in all, Anarchy Reigns doesn’t bring a lot to the table. It will undoubtedly appeal to a very small audience who will sing its praises, but the large majority of gamers will hardly give this more than a passing glance and likely even less of their time. The uninspired and repetitive single player campaign is tedious, and while the game’s intention all along is to shine in the multiplayer offering, even that lacks the staying power to keep most gamers twitching their fingers.
Chris CarterJan 09, 2013
Despite some issues, brawler fans should find everything they're looking for with Anarchy Reigns. It's ridiculous, it's fun, and it's packed with enough content to last you a long while, so long as you don't get tired of beating dudes up over and over. The budget pricing of $29.99 makes this decision even easier.
Richard MitchellJan 14, 2013
The characters are well-designed and the story well-performed, but actually playing through the campaign is a chore. The multiplayer can be great, especially in the team or Death Ball modes, but the limited combat is bound to wear thin before too long, and matchmaking troubles are irritating. You won't exactly find a lot of competitive, multiplayer beat-em-ups out there, let alone one that generally works well, but that fact alone isn't enough to carry Anarchy Reigns.
Matt LeoneJan 14, 2013
Anarchy Reigns feels like it's from a different era. Platinum's '90s-style attitude and mechanics give it a nostalgic tone, while the online features and over-the-top presentation prevent it from feeling out of date. Though single-player is a weird mishmash of bland environments and repeated ideas, the combat system is fun even in those straightforward scenarios. The multiplayer modes struggle with crowd control, but the strong mechanics overpower those issues.
Mitch DyerJan 11, 2013
Rarely does the solo action do anything to challenge Anarchy Reigns’ subtle combat mechanics. The mindless enemy encounters in the empty open world aren’t why you want to play this, but it’s almost necessary to make the most of the multiplayer’s exciting madness and unpredictability. Online matches can be irritating for those who haven’t taken the time to learn the ins and outs of their characters, certainly, but the novelty of slaughtering each other in football arenas or fighting over flags makes the multiplayer a worthwhile use of time.
Viktor ErikssonJan 24, 2013
Anarchy Reigns is not perfect. A limp story mode and lack of split-screen are problems. But its one crazy party that offers enough insight into what made the old-school brawler genres so popular in the past and feeds that knowledge to us in the form of a rather unique, ballsy online slugfest unlike much else out there. It's greater than the sum of its parts, and should not be missed by genre fans.
Rich StantonJan 08, 2013
The games industry loves nostalgia, particularly when it involves something under-appreciated in its own time. The Dreamcast's posthumous valorisation is like this. And so, criminally, is much of Clover Studio's finest work - especially God Hand, the daddy of 3D brawlers and a total sales flop. Anarchy Reigns already has this whiff about it, the smell of critical success, commercial failure and subsequent cult status. That's a damn shame, and much less than this deserves.
Salva FernándezJan 09, 2013
Anarchy Reigns es un beat'em up enfocado principalmente al online, es algo que debe quedar claro desde un primer momento. La gran variedad de modalidades, el buen rendimiento general de las partidas en línea y el sistema de combate sencillo, variado y satisfactorio son las grandes virtudes de un título que no llega a la profundidad de combos de un Bayonetta pero que está alejado de ser un simple machacabotones. Frenético como todo lo que hace Platinum, Anarchy Reigns ofrece un universo desenfadado, con personajes variopintos y humor paródico.
Sergio MartínJan 09, 2013
Platinum Games apuesta fuerte por un beat´em up multijugador online que, como tal, resulta ameno y entretenido, gracias especialmente a la variedad de opciones de juego que alberga y a su atractivo plantel de personajes y luchadores. Técnicamente deja bastante que desear y para un jugador se hace algo aburrido rápidamente, pero los amantes del género disfrutarán con él.
Mathias OertelJan 11, 2013
Schade, hier war viel mehr möglich als ein schmackhafter, aber nicht sättigender Actionhappen für zwischendurch. Überrascht hat mich jedoch der Mehrspielermodus mit seinem motivierenden Aufstiegs- und Perksystem: Die hektische Prügelei wirkt zwar mitunter chaotisch und unübersichtlich, doch nach ein paar Partien zur Eingewöhnung und den ersten Erfolgserlebnissen kann man in den 13 Modi eine Menge Spaß haben - auch wenn die Suche nach einem Spiel seiner Wahl komfortabler ablaufen könnte.
Matthieu HurelJan 10, 2013
En retard pour la fête, dans tous les sens du terme, Anarchy Reigns aurait pu être un beat'em all de compétition si les développeurs avaient autant soigné la campagne solo que le multijoueur, tout en évitant de livrer un patchwork sans inspiration de leurs licences maison. Ni belle gueule, ni intelligent, le titre de PlatinumGames n'est pas toujours au taquet et réserve ses meilleurs atouts aux joueurs connectés.
Maxime ChaoJan 13, 2013
Le titre n’est pourtant pas exempt de bonnes idées et certains modes de jeu en multi (le 2 VS 2 par exemple) nous ont permis de passer de chouettes moments ludiques. Mais ces bonnes intentions ne sont pas suffisantes, surtout quand le chaos et l’anarchie ont décidé de gangréner le reste du titre. Anarchy Reigns : un jeu qui n’a jamais aussi bien porté son nom.
MiniblobJan 11, 2013
On ne peut pas vraiment dire que PlatinumGames ait réussi à prendre le tournant du multijoueur. Sans être une véritable catastrophe, Anarchy Reigns n'est clairement pas à la hauteur des précédents titres du studio. Sans intérêt en solo, ce beat'em all ne parvient pas vraiment à se montrer enthousiasmant en multi. On lui reprochera notamment de porter un peu trop bien son titre et de se traduire à l'écran par une action aussi illisible que bordélique.
Fredrik JohanssonJan 23, 2013
Det finns av förklarliga skäl inte särskilt många som försöker göra snabba, tredimensionella slagsmålsspel med multipla karaktärer på skärmen samtidigt - det är nog en datorvetenskaplig mardröm att försöka beräkna vem som blir slagen på var, när och hur. Platinum Games gör ett modigt och stilsäkert försök och lyckas oftare än inte. Anarchy Reigns är i all essens rå och ofiltrerad anarki, och det regerar ohotat inom genren flerspelarövervåldsorgier.