Aliens vs. Predator for PlayStation 3

Aliens vs. Predator

Feb 16, 2010
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Developer: Rebellion
Content Rating: Mature


Set on planet BG-386; a human colonist mining group discovers an ancient pyramid containing a dark and horrible secret. Across the galaxy, a race of warriors is alerted to the discovery of their pyramid and a hunting party is dispatched to ensure that it remains sealed at all costs. Deep inside the ruined pyramid meanwhile, nature's deadliest species awakes from centuries of hibernation intent on finding new prey.

Critic Reviews

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Nate AhearnFeb 16, 2010
Aliens vs. Predator could have been a truly great game. It's there, you can almost feel it, but it's constantly ripped away from you because of some poor design decisions and a general lack of quality that keeps the game from having that triple-A feeling. It's by no means a bad game and will almost certainly please fans more so than either movie effort, but when compared to other first-person shooter titles on the market, the difference is clear.
Leon Hendrix IIIFeb 16, 2010
This is a mediocre effort in every sense of the word. I almost wish Rebellion had failed more spectacularly; at least there'd be something more to talk about. As it stands, AVP is a FPS that follows most of the conventions of the genre and adds some Aliens, Marines, and Predators to the mix. No matter what your purpose in playing Rebellion's new shooter, there is almost undoubtedly a reason you should be playing a different game. It's not bad, it's just not good.
Kevin VanOrdFeb 15, 2010
It's the little things that really drag the game down. Aliens vs. Predator seems to be a well-meaning attempt at reinvigorating a languishing series, but grotesque kills and some entertaining multiplayer moments don't cut it--not when so many slick and exciting shooters are on store shelves, vying for your time. The attention to detail, the well-considered level design, and the sense of momentum that characterize the finest shooters are missing here.

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