Alice: Madness Returns for PlayStation 3

Alice: Madness Returns

Jun 14, 2011
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Developer: Spicy Horse
Content Rating: Mature


Alice: Madness Returns takes place 10 years after the conclusion of the original game, with Alice struggling to recover from the emotional trauma of losing her entire family in a fatal fire. After spending a decade institutionalized in an insane asylum, she is finally released to the care of a psychiatrist who just may be able to help her conquer the nightmarish hallucinations that still haunt her. Alice embarks on a mission to root out the true cause of her family's mysterious death, jumping from a gloomy and stark London to a rich and provocative Wonderland.

Critic Reviews

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Kevin VanOrdJun 14, 2011
It's fun to move through Wonderland as if carried by a summer breeze, bringing a touch of beauty to its contorted imagery. It's a shame that the game never expands its fundamentals. Looking back on time spent with Alice: Madness Returns is like remembering a vacation from your childhood: you remember where you went, but not what you did. Yet Alice's broken psyche is so tortured, her waking nightmare so vivid, that you're tempted to push forward to see what deliciously morbid sights yet await.
Nic VargusJun 24, 2012
All the trudging, mundane puzzles, and hours spent on air vents are worth it at the end when secrets are revealed and the scattered memories all start to make sense. But through all the revelations, Alice remains strangely one-dimensional, disconnected from the horror and beauty that enfolds her. Only time will tell if the sometimes-repetitive gameplay and schizophrenic story have the same effect on her admirers.
Tyler MinarikJun 24, 2011
While I applaud Alice: Madness Returns for a lengthy campaign, solid gameplay mechanics, entertaining combat, with some visual appeal, I simply can’t ignore the few noticeable faults riddled throughout it. The storyline failed to draw me in, perhaps because it was confusing for one half, and painfully obvious for the second. Between this, the incessantly annoying lock on camera, and a lacking character progression after half way through the game, I found myself coming out of it a bit disappointed.

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