AKIBA'S TRIP: Undead & Undressed for PlayStation 3

AKIBA'S TRIP: Undead & Undressed

Aug 12, 2014

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Developer: Acquire
Content Rating: Mature


AKIBA'S TRIP: Undead & Undressed is an open-world action RPG in which players undertake numerous missions in a virtual recreation of Akihabara, Tokyo’s popular ”Electric Town” district. The player’s goal is to identify vampires called “Synthisters” with the help of an in-game smartphone app, then engage them in battle to strip their clothes off so their bodies are fully exposed to sunlight. Boasting a unique combat system in which everyday objects become weapons, multiple story routes, a varied cast of characters based on common anime and video game tropes and a narrative dripping with social satire and subtle nods to Japanese pop culture, AKIBA'S TRIP is a present-day supernatural adventure for the nerd in all of us!

Critic Reviews

16 Reviews
Alexa Ray CorrieaAug 25, 2014
Akiba's Trip is just as confused about its identity as its teenage characters. It's a cool look at Japanese otaku culture, and it has some well-written moments. But the writing and setting can't make up for its core pitfalls. Its mission and combat systems are so tedious that I struggled to find motivation to keep playing. The core idea of Akiba's Trip is more interesting than the game itself and is too mired in boring interactive elements to get off the ground.
Joe JubaAug 12, 2014
Though it technically succeeds as a piece of functional software, Akiba’s Trip fails to be fun. Bland combat, unremarkable missions and sidequests (which are mainly fight/fetch requests), and an abundance of hollow cartoon characters in their underwear don’t deliver any thrills. Yes, you get some sense of what it would be like to wander around Akihabara, but a good tourist guide would be a far more sensible purchase if that’s what you’re after.
Brittany VincentSep 24, 2014
Akiba’s Trip looks great as well, though there are some muddy textures and dips in frame rate at some points, especially when there are several, several enemies on-screen at once. Otherwise, the 3D models themselves look great on the PS3, as do the anime-inspired cut scenes and character artwork. ...Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed is an interesting culture shock of a good time if you can see past the silliness, especially if “quirky Japanese games” happen to be your cup of tea.

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