Ace Combat Infinity for PlayStation 3

Ace Combat Infinity

May 27, 2014
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Developer: Project Aces
Content Rating: Teen


Unleashing the latest entry in the 'ACE COMBAT' flight shooting game series! Download it for free and start playing! Experience The Freedom Of A True Ace. High quality flight shooting action that you can play for free! Put yourself into the pilot seat of real aircraft and tear across realistic skies! Fly around freely and shoot down all the enemies you see!

Critic Reviews

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Nick CapozzoliJun 27, 2014
It's pervasive. Maybe that's the consequence of life lived as a virtual mercenary: a joylessness that poisons the nostalgia well. The soaring bird that has long served as the metaphor for the Ace Combat pilot becomes a vulture fighting over highway carrion, looping away incautiously when the odd car passes a little too close, before returning again for a final few scraps of flesh.
Edge StaffJul 02, 2014
More will follow, but despite what its name might suggest, Infinity is extremely limited, both in terms of what little content it offers and your ability to access it.
Alex StintonJun 05, 2014
Ace Combat: Infinity feels like a game that no one had confidence in. Rather than create a decent amount of content to attract players, Bandai Namco has instead launched a barebones title in order to test the waters and see how many gamers will bite. This is a shame, as what is here can be really enjoyable – once you make your peace with the free-to-play barriers, anyway – and fans of the franchise's particular brand of aerial warfare will find themselves right at home in the cockpit.

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