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The Escapists 2

Dec 12, 2019

(Like with all of my reviews, this is assuming you know atleast a little bit about the game already) the escapists 2 is a pretty fun game having you trying to escape various prisons, although I haven’t personally played the first Escapists, this is clearly a big upgrade. I’d recommend playing this with one or more friends as it softens the grind in the later levels, and believe me there’s quite a grind. You’ll have to search desks, knock out guards and sneak into areas the Ai guards would rather you not be in, each one of those tasks isn’t too hard by itself. If it wasn’t for the fact that hours of progress can be gone in a instant if you are seen rummaging through a restricted area. By yourself this is very frustrating. With a friend it’s just kinda funny lol. Anyway this game runs flawlessly on switch with the downside being you can’t create your own prisons like you can on pc, while this is disappointing it’s very understandable. This game definitely isn’t perfect but for the price it’s definitely worth playing


Star Wars: Battlefront II

Nov 6, 2019

(Note this review is mostly intended for people who already know a bit about the game) Despite its rocky launch. This game has managed to redeem itself in the past 2 years. Taking all game benefiting micro transactions out of the game as well as adding several new maps such as Geonosis and felucia, both filled to the brim with detail and thought. More heros and Reinforcements have also been added, including Obi wan kenobi,anakin Skywalker as well as the highly appraised “Republic Commandos” and many more. Tons of “Skins” for your (Only clones and droids at the time of review) Troopers. Lots of quality of life changes have been added as well. Such as a new Progression system and the ability to turn off your lightsaber (if your hero wields one) if you wish to do so. Overall this game still isn’t perfect. But if your a Star Wars fan and looking for a relatively cheap game ( 30$ at most stores)to pick up, or get back into. Star Wars Battlefront 2 may just be the game for you!


Human: Fall Flat

Nov 6, 2019

Human fall flat is a must have, no matter what system you play it on. With its “Wobbly physics and well designed maps, this by far is the funniest game I’ve ever played. If you play it by yourself you’ll probably just get mad. But with a friend it’s a whole different game, both of you will probably laugh until you drop, which you’ll likely be doing that since you can grab other players and literally drop them off the map lol. The only flaw is this game has less than 15 maps (at the time of this review) but each took about 1-2 hours. without messing around, maybe 25 minutes but trust me, even with amazing cooperation, there WILL be some messing around! It’s actually the most fun when your teammate(s) only goal is to stop you from completing the objectives (which are mostly fun little puzzles) overall I’d highly recommend this game to anyone looking to have a good laugh!



Nov 4, 2019

Yokai watch 3. I don’t even know what to say, this game has every fun aspect of the previous 2 combined to make the best installment in the series. I have over 8 hours of playtime and haven’t even completed half the game yet, not to mention the several hours of postgame content as well. In this game you take turns playing 2 different characters Nate Adams and Hailey Ann both with different and intriguing story lines. The overall gameplay is similar to the previous installment but with some improvements, one being the ability to move your yokai around a small board on the touchscreen, this is used to dodge some attacks or pick up items that occasionally appear there. Now this might be a little bias but this game is really amazing and has almost no flaws (hence my perfect rating) and I haven’t had any lag or glitches my entire playthrough so far. This game is what the past Pokémon games should have been. Anything else I say would be a spoiler so I’ll leave it at that. (Note I recommend you at least play one of the previous 2 games before playing this one)



Nov 4, 2019

This game runs great on the switch. This is the kind of game that almost every thing you do makes something happen, even something as irrelevant and pointless as waiting in a room for 5 minutes, will give you at least some funny dialogue. and let me tell you this game is FUNNY there’s not 3 full sentences that go by without some humor. The reason I’m not writing a whole lot about this game is simply that this is the kind of game where almost everything except the title could be considered a spoiler. Which makes it all that more fun to play. (Edit. Forget to mention that the playtime is about 3-5 hours. That doesn’t sound like much but (without spoiling anything) you will probably want to play a few more times, download this game and you’ll see why)


Bloons TD 6

Nov 6, 2019

Bloons td 6 is a tower defense game like the past 5 installment (I’m going to cutout the stuff you probably already know) Gameplay wise this is definitely a improvement over Btd5 with a bunch of new tracks, 3 upgrade paths and now 5th tier upgrades as well as a few new towers, this game also adds “Monkey heros” for me this doesn’t add a whole lot to the game but a nice addition nonetheless, Only 2 Bloons were added and one new type called “Fortified” these are nice but don’t do too much to the gameplay overall. The new graphics are also a nice improvement but personally I think btd5s are a better fit for the series. Single player is as fun as always but I found the relatively new Co-op mode to be where I spent most of my time. Now for the cons, thankfully there aren’t many, but enough to take away this games perfect 10/10. The big kicker is just how long it takes to unlock upgrades for your towers. you can do this by earning experience, which you get a little every round then once the upgrades are unlocked you can then purchase them with the coins you earn per Bloon popped as normal. This is quite annoying for those who have already spent a lot of time in the previous games and are itching to try out the new stuff. There’s also a few micro transactions but they aren’t too game breaking. Overall this game is fun and addicting to play (but not too addicting!) and definitely worth 5$. One thing I forget to mention was the new monkeys knowledge which you get by completed tracks but these just unlock little perks.(you can also create your own “challenges” for other people to play)


Need for Speed: Rivals

Nov 4, 2019

(Reviewed on Ps4. I realized there was a separate place for that lol) need for speed rivals is a very thrilling game having you either chase down the bad guys as a Cop or fleeing from the Cops. Long story short this is a very fun game but I can’t say you’ll put that many hours in it at one time. It has a very linear story that is mostly little side missions, you have to complete these to unlock more cars or get more “Speedpoints” to buy more cars. I found that this game was just something kinda fun to play once in a while.

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