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Spellsword Cards: Origins

Nov 9, 2019

Fun until it’s not

The game provides many interesting ideas and quite a few fun mechanics. However, none of these ideas really come to fruition. An example of this is the randomization mechanic. While this is a cool idea in theory the game truly randomizes the classes. In most instances this would be viewed as a good mechanic. In practice the classes that exist have clear strengths and weakness. It does no good to have a character that is trying to focus spells while their “race” makes it to where they naturally lose stats in this department. The fact that progression leveling is taken out of the hands of the player and tied to classes makes the overall experience less enjoyable. Speaking of progression, for a game that on paper has a rather lengthy campaign, the amount of possible level progression seems rather limited. Aside from the small stat boost you’ll find yourself using the same combos and cycling the same cards for each fight. I would have liked to see more card selection and make the diversity of them a bit more enticing, considering that most of them are a mix of draw, damage, or block.

A bare“bones” experience

I which I could commend the graphical/audio aspects of the game. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Not for lack of execution, but rather, the lack of creativity applied to the preexisting baddies that are found in this particular genre of gaming. The character models are not bad per se but seem uninspired. Even the bosses do not come across as that big of a departure from the regular battles. A bit of color would have helped in this department there is a bit too much black and white (I get that it is a book but that does not take away from the statement). At points the battles/turns go so long, and the same sounds are recycled over and over that it becomes better to play with the sound off.

Better card games for a cheaper price

I wanted to fall in love with this game when I read what it was. I am sad to say that I could not do just that. For many of the reasons outlined already I feel that this game has too many low notes to recommend. It is one of those games that makes you wish that you could have gotten more instead of being content with the product. While the statement that there are virtually endless combinations to play the game may be true, the same cannot be said about having fun. Pick up almost any major card game on the market and you will have a much more enjoyable time.


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Nov 7, 2019

I know much has been made about this game in the recent months however, I will be attempting to review the game in its current state while trying to remain as apolitical as possible. First as a card game, it is quite accessible. The complexities of the game are relatively simple compared to other card games. Second, by itself there are many things that could be done in order to make the game more enjoyable. The biggest thing that can be done is provide players a better way in which they can obtain more card pack. This is one of the biggest things that makes people not want to get involved and form my understanding, considering I only started playing February of this year, opportunities have been decreasing. This is a game that will require quite a bit of investment to get into but once you get yourself situated there is quite of bit of fun to be had. I think this particular update has breathed new life into the game because more classes/decks are viable and so the game seems to be in a balanced state. This is unlikely to stay the case considering that a patch is eventually inevitable. That being said, if you manage to play the game while it is in a state like this, I would highly recommend getting involved and enjoying your time with it. It like many other games benefit from playing with friends as it makes certain questing easier and sometimes mutually beneficial. On a technical side, the game seems pretty optimized to mobile and I have only encountered a few hiccups over the half a year I have been playing the game. Overall, I would highly recommend this game for those that like card games but as looking for one that is not as overly complex as games such as MTG.


Dizzy Knight

Nov 7, 2019

Dizzy knight is not too complex of a game. In fact, one can say that it is a fairly simple game. Do not let that description or its ascetics fool you though completing the campaign can be quite the challenge. This game has an end game difficulty spike that comes seemingly out of nowhere considering that the rest of the game is fairly easy. Thankfully the game provides you with many outs of the situation whether that be resurrections that you purchase with in game currency or potions which can be obtained while playing that provide you with unique buffs. Speaking of in game currency the way that this game uses it is ok but it seems kind of forced. Just making it to where you could purchase to skip ads would be ok. Anything else that could be purchased with real world currency seems a bit excessive. As far as how the game handles it is pretty standard fair. Control your character defeat the bad guys. As you have been seeing in the video the challenge is to get close enough to the enemies to damage them while not getting too close as to damage yourself. This loop continues until you have cleared the screen of enemies and finally reach the boss. However, on the way to reaching the boss I encountered a small, what I believe to be a bug, which elongated my play time because enemies were not spawning. This made to campaign feel like it was dragging on much more than it should have considering that there were moments where I was waiting upwards of 30 seconds. The game lost its charm after the I completed the campaign and much of my playtime was just to obtain in-game achievements. That being said there was not enough incentive to continue playing the game after I completed the campaign. There was an endless mode but after one run that felt like it had overstayed its welcome, I was not in the mood to give it another try. The game was a little more enjoyable on this mode because there was not the wait time that I had experienced with the campaign. Believe it or not, the game has controller support. Part of the reason that I decided to play it and it handles moderately well with it. It does leave some things to be desired, particularly the pausing menu. It apparently requires touch in order for you not to trigger an item. The shop also is not optimized for controller play as you can’t really scroll and so are left to use touch once again. Aside from that I handles as you would hope slash expect with the controller. Overall the game is not terrible is something that you can engage with and feel like you’ve done what you’ve needed to in maybe an hour or two of gameplay.