Neil Yamit


Luke Judy
i really like video games and music
Tahsin Karim
PS4 Gamer is me. Me is liking (racing, horror, adventure, action, detective, mystery, open world, etc) genre of games.
Murtada Arkan
Gamer first and an Otaku second...I also happen to be a movie/TV buff let's just say that I'm a nerd about everything there is to nerd about
I live in Argentina and play stuff. Profile picture and banner are from artist Vardan on pixiv.
NO to thot-wannabe and obnoxious streamers
Archie Andrew Wating
Discord: CQC #0202 Steam ID: 196606047
Jen Banci
ffbe (Lucian)
Hi hive 5 men... let´s play.../:-)
Ambitious Microphone Talker | Professional Fan Girl | Frustrated Artist | Noob Streamer
We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds.
Veteran Gamer and Developer
Swetski Bullsh
Wow! Cool post! Thanks for sharing. ♥
*10 perfect *9-9.9 is amazing and near perfect if high enough *8-8.9 is great *7-7.9 is good *6-6.9 is decent *5-5.6 is meh *4-4.9 is underwhelming *3-3.9 is bad *2-2.9 is very bad *1-1.9 is disgusting *0-0.9 probably won't happen cuz that is the shadow realm *I will review 15 games per day until I run out of games to review
Cristiana Chavez
Debugger @whatoplay


Tig disayn!
Gwapo ko!
Reigh Bacz
Fus ro dah


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