I only rate games i played (aka only game i bought out of interest)
hi is me Mr.meowscles and i hope you follow me on whatoplay.
justin christy
I'm an old Gamer, if 20 years means something. I was lucky to experience some great games in my time.
Big Daddy
I'm a Gamer, i don't die, i respawn


Al Joseph Lofranco Condino
If you can't draw a tiger, draw a dog.
Rez Ronald Amaya
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Bio Bioton ko
Donny Millington
Professional Gamer Fluent In Spanish And Russian
Welcome to my profile! I play a variety of games, mostly singleplayer games. I love nearly any game with an interesting story.
Felipe Fabricio (Legionairie)
Just a friendly guy who wants to play.
Awesome developer, designer, and perfectionist.
Danny Blues
Oh look! I'm wearing a subnet mask
Luke Judy
i really like video games and music
Gwapo ko!
Archie Andrew Wating
Discord: CQC #0202 Steam ID: 196606047
Kristian Stavik (thatchbro)
Rpg fan and a speedrunner in various games
Just a weab who likes to play videogames and gacha games.
We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds.
Hi hive 5 men... let´s play.../:-)
Lava Bőý
iam a youtuber and Mobile game Geek check my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULegY71ozt8&feature=youtu.be
Siphokuhle Khanyile
Challenge everything...
LabLab Lisa
Black pink in your area!
Ambitious Microphone Talker | Professional Fan Girl | Frustrated Artist | Noob Streamer
Jen Banci
ffbe (Lucian)
Veteran Gamer and Developer
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I live in Argentina and play stuff. Profile picture and banner are from artist Vardan on pixiv.
Swetski Bullsh
Wow! Cool post! Thanks for sharing. ♥
*10 perfect *9-9.9 is amazing and near perfect if high enough *8-8.9 is great *7-7.9 is good *6-6.9 is decent *5-5.6 is meh *4-4.9 is underwhelming *3-3.9 is bad *2-2.9 is very bad *1-1.9 is disgusting *0-0.9 probably won't happen cuz that is the shadow realm *I will review 15 games per day until I run out of games to review
Don't Starve together
"If I have a controller, I would be better in this game". You just suck, pretentious to "lIkE" gaming.
Jen Potato
I'm a hooman. trust me
You know what's cooking? BOOM!
Pokemon Go player
Hi! I like single-player story based games, but I'll dabble in a bit of multiplayer action, every once in a while :)
Sprite-based Game Developer
Ana Beb
Fil-Am = Half-Filipino Half-Amazing "follow me I'll follow back"
Cristiana Chavez
Debugger @whatoplay
Reigh Bacz
DT's golden era is with Kevin Moore and JP is a GOD.
Neil Yamit
Cofounder @whatoplay