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Mario Kart 7

Jan 15, 2020

Same old formula.

New cups and tracks and others have ya revisiting favorite tracks in the franchise.

It’s cool to have this game on the go.

Online feature is addictive, since the community remains active.


Stella Glow

Jan 15, 2020

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux

Jan 15, 2020

This game is a remake from an original title released on the Nintendo DS strange journey...

Now in redux a story line and character have been added, and that sure adds hours of gameplay.

Aside from that it’s pretty much the same game, it’s fully voiced in Japanese.

Cutscenes are there and looks beautiful.

It’s such a great addicting game same system mechanic.

I think it’s a great entry point if you’re not familiarized with SMT.

And overall and enjoyable title for fans of SMT and RPGs, in here you fight and ally with demons, fuse them, and collect them.

It’s like an adult pokemon the premise of the game is addictive and the dark story compelling.

Difficulty is hardcore even in normal is a challenge and you’ll probably need to grind.


7th Dragon III Code: VFD

Jan 15, 2020

It’s a fun game to play with an amazing soundtrack! (Seriously music in this video game is top notch).

The last installment in a whole saga that was never released outside of Japan until now. Don’t worry you don’t need to have played the past games. This one has its own story and make a good job at explaining events from past games.

The story is there... it’s not great nor deep but is there and Is alright keep you entertained, graphics are alright for the 3ds and of course there are better looking games this one do excels in artwork.

The world with multiple NPCs to talk to makes it feel alive.

Combat system is where the main fun is at and this game has its own unique mechanics make it even far more fun, lots of customization, probably it’s only fault is the lack of a hard mode it’s only standard and casual, even on standard the game feels easy sure you can die but if you’re decent and know some about RPGs you’ll be just fine.

This is a great game such a secret gem in the 3ds.