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Marvel's Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition

Aug 8, 2020

The best Spider-man narrative I've ever watched!!! I don't read comics, but between the movies and other Spider-man games, this is the best story so far. The chracters designs are perfect, just as taken out of the comics. Their personality is as well constructed. The combat mechanics are the same as the ones displayed on the Arkham series games, and that's very good, because they are so fluid and funny to play. There are a lot of combos and gadgets you can use to improve the combat and make the enemies easier to beat. There are a lot of submissions and substories to expand a bunch of hours the gameplay after you beat the main story. I don't think this game deserves a perfect score because the minievents, such as the crime scenes and the mafia bases turn exhausting over time, and the game can become boring. The MJ and Mile's missions are boring too. With all its amazing features and little flaws, this game worths to be in every PS4 player's collection.

And the DLCs are great too, but nothing spectacular, you can move on to a another game because you are not missing anything important.

P.S This is also an excellent game to collect some trophies.


Dragon Ball FighterZ

Aug 8, 2020

This game is for casual players. I do not recommend this game for persons who look for adventures and good stories. This is just a game for casual players who have few ocassions to spend some time in front of the TV. The graphics are awesome, the combos are complicated as in the old fighting games and If you are fan of the anime, yes, it worth it.


God of War

Aug 7, 2020

This is THE game. That's it, every single thing about this game is perfect. Don't ask anything else, just play it. If you have a PS4 and you haven't played this game yet, do you even own a PS4?


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Aug 5, 2020

Most of us have that little fella who walks into our place and wants to play with our PS4 and we all have the same concern. Is this little bug going to ruin my perfect game in Dark Souls, RD2 or whatever we are playing at the time? Well, no more. Fall guys Is an incredible and funny game. Even for the grown-ups, it can provide us one or two full hours of fun per day before getting bored about falling, and falling, and falling. If you don't let your little fella play Fornite for its mild violence, this Is the game. It's easy to play, the game mechanics are fun and it has incredible and colorful visuals. Its all about RUN, JUMP AND... WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GOING WITH THAT EGG?!!!

P.S: Trophy Hunters, trust me, this is not your game.


Yakuza Kiwami

Jul 29, 2020

What a great game. It has a great Story and a good combat mechanic, but it turns repetitive over time. It has a lot of minigames and substories to have an entertaining experience every time you play it. BE CAREFUL TROPHY HUNTERS, the Completion List could be a pain in the ass and the Majima Everywhere tasks as well. I did not have the chance to play the original game for PS2, but this remake definitively worths a shot. And don't be fooled by the title If you had never played a yakuza game before, If you think that you will be killing everybody on your way and be a merciless yakuza you may look somewhere else, this a Story about a kick ass hero with a big heart.