justin christy
I'm an old Gamer, if 20 years means something. I was lucky to experience some great games in my time.
Al Joseph Lofranco Condino
If you can't draw a tiger, draw a dog.
Big Daddy
I'm a Gamer, i don't die, i respawn
Rez Ronald Amaya
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| Trophy Hunter | So, is the collection part for you to keep track of upcoming games or for ones that you played/rated ?!
Donny Millington
Professional Gamer Fluent In Spanish And Russian
Pokemon Go player
Swetski Bullsh
Wow! Cool post! Thanks for sharing. ♥
Welcome to my profile! I play a variety of games, mostly singleplayer games. I love nearly any game with an interesting story.
Luke Judy
i really like video games and music
Awesome developer, designer, and perfectionist.
I play a lot of fps games
*10 perfect *9-9.9 is amazing and near perfect if high enough *8-8.9 is great *7-7.9 is good *6-6.9 is decent *5-5.6 is meh *4-4.9 is underwhelming *3-3.9 is bad *2-2.9 is very bad *1-1.9 is disgusting *0-0.9 probably won't happen cuz that is the shadow realm *I will review 15 games per day until I run out of games to review
Jen Banci
ffbe (Lucian)
Ambitious Microphone Talker | Professional Fan Girl | Frustrated Artist | Noob Streamer
Reigh Bacz
DT's golden era is with Kevin Moore and JP is a GOD.
Hmmm, F*ck.
Cristiana Chavez
Debugger @whatoplay
Neil Yamit
Cofounder @whatoplay